To everyone that’s upset about that the slime cat isnt in LFR

You should probably define how you are interpreting “seasonal” as definitively holiday events are seasonal.

and comparatively to something like football seasons they are seasonal as well

Holidays and the anniversary are fixed times they are available like sports seasons. You keep saying that the anniversary isn’t seasonal so I want you to define seasonal.

I am merely suggesting that you are wrong and don’t have all the answers.

Not sorry but you’re wrong it’s not a seasonal mount.

I know you just want to be argumentative because I hurt your feelings at some point but no it’s not a seasonal mount.

Then they goofed, that’s not on us.

It could be argued minimal effort would have been LFR :laughing:

But I’m not wrong in this instance which is why Blizz changed the achievement.

You are wrong it was only available during a limited time season.

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Pure speculation.

We won’t know what Blizzard actually intended until the company is bankrupt and the former employees are no longer under NDAs.

The “season” is a raid tier.

You have the entire season to achieve said mount either from KsM glad or aotc. Once the season ends the mounts are bo loner obtainable.

A mount form an anniversary event that has a very short window is not a seasonal mount.

It was limited during an anniversary event not a season.

You are wrong again

You are always wrong !

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So you define seasonal as raid tier, that’s probably why people are arguing with you :rofl:
I doubt everyone views seasonal under that definition.


It’s not speculation as the evidence shows LFR was never getting the mount.

I do because Blizzard is defining it as a raid tier. Hence season 4

Even your football season analogy fails because a sports season isn’t a month long.

Great evidence. Sorry your feelings can’t back that up.

That is all you provide is your feelings!


So what you’re arguing is Blizzard is justified in scummy practises because they operate by their own brand of the English language since Any Raid doesn’t mean…Any Raid excluding LFR.


Literally posted evidence to back up my opinions in this thread. Try to keep up.

You don’t have any evidence. You only have your feelings! Try to keep up!

I…don’t recall ever seeing Blizz say that.

No time frame is given it only says “a fixed time of the year”

No. What I’m saying is that Blizz never intended for LFR to get the slime cat and that the achievement said “any” fated raid because at the time LFR was not going to be fated. Once LFR was added to being fated they had to go back and edit the achievement. As it was on ptr anything is subject to change.

They are literally calling this season season 4.

Either way an anniversary event is not a seasonal event as a seasonal event is the duration of the tier.

I have multiple examples of a seasonal mount.