To everyone that’s upset about that the slime cat isnt in LFR

Reminds of that spacegoat mage who used to make all those stupid lfr threads back during Mop, and Wod. Like those spammed threads, it ends up being the same 5, or 6 people spewing the same stuff, over, and over lol.

No the achievement was released on the live servers in patch When Was that added may I ask?

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You do realize that the achievement was added in Prep for the patch. They move over things to make it easier on patch day.

The achievement was changed atleast a week before the fated raids patch went live.

If LFR was never intended to award the mount the language used on the PTR wouldn’t have been any difficulty and they wouldn’t have left the change at the last moment like that.


Blunder isn’t intent. It pretty easily explains why Blizz fixed the mistake in the tooltip when they realized.

If it had been intended, Blizz would have added the mount to LFR.

If it was a last minute change that would also explain the current solution.

Either way it’s be nice if Blizz explained how the mix up happened but doubtful that we’ll hear at this point.

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Pretty sure they made the announcement hours before that they changed the “Patch” for the fated raids. Raid Rewards Experiments in Season 4 - #761 by Kaivax Kaivax’s post was only 29th this was really the only hint that it was coming They didn’t hotfix the achievement Until Aug 1st these achievements have been in live since MAY 31ST. (Seen here for when it was hotfixed)
And while yes this older post information relates to the ptr they did nothing to even imply it was normal and above due to the fact it says complete all “FATED” Raids… There was and IS a FATED LFR…

Again this is the principle of the thing of just telling us Officially (insert Angry words here) people who only do lfr a very short time before it going live.

Yes… I am angry and I will continue to be. (and you will have to remove two … from that 3rd link beacuse apparently jig…glesworth is an issue?)


The language wasn’t “any difficulty” it was “any fated raid difficulty”. As the only fated raid difficulty at the time were normal heroic and mythic. Because LFR was added after the achievement the achievement had to be changed. It’s really not a hard concept.

Incorrect. The outrage has been going on for almost two weeks. I made this thread July 29th which is 3 days before the patch and even before that it was being talked about.

So no it wasnt “hours” before the patch.

The achievements on live dont matter. The achievements are added early to help on patch days, its still subject to change as fated raids are part of the new patch.

What part of “Fated LFR” wasnt originally part of the fated raid system and was added later do you not understand?

Blizzard never said LFR was going to get the mount. Please stop lying.

For no valid reason.

Problem here is that you take Blizzards silence as good enough on their part.

Just isn’t the case for everyone else, especially considering communication was suppose to be improved on between player and developer…yet we end up with a debacle like this where Blizzard seems to be happy to let players fight amongst themselves over scraps.

The outrage was based off of Kaivax’s post ON JULY 29TH link provided on previous post which only implied that this was not going to happen

To respond to Achievements on Live don’t matter? Then what does? what matters at all? I mean they can go back and change what ever they want to and it wouldn’t matter? does that mean I should not be angry and give my feedback about this? This whole season was supposed to be about funsies not FOMO bull…

“Fated LFR wasn’t part of the plan” The fact that there was a queue system for Fated LFR apparently set up according to a commenter on the ptr link I provided. (Why is this a valid source? because blizz uses this IN SUPPORT responses so wowhead and info on this must be reasonably factual.)

Ill concede they didn’t say LFR would get the mount, but “any fated raid” LFR had a fated queue as of 4/27 on the ptr, therefore LFR should be elligible for the mount. Making my statement not a lie?

As for my anger Its very valid given the slew of other anti-casual player things they’ve done “this season.” season =/= patch

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No one is fighting over scraps. Imagine reaching that hard.

Thank you blizzard for giving me reason to Raid again,
This mount looks awesome, cant wait to get it. :+1:

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It was a bad assumption to think it was going to be available in LFR at all.

The achievement was made before LFR was added to fated raids and put into live because they add stuff to live before the actual patch to make patch days run smoother. They then added LFR to fated raids and probably forgot about the wording on the achievement. Anything related to the new patch even on live is subject to change.

I never said fated LFR wasnt on the PTR which means this doesnt matter. I said when the achievement was made back in MAY LFR was not planned to be fated.

LFR has never been eligible for seasonal mount rewards.

This game is the least anti casual its ever been.

I’ll leave this here.
Community Council feedback. One more opinion has been posted in the link.

If he is 275 he could easily start his own group.

If people want to take people that already know the fights you cant blame them

They should just put in in LFR. Yes if you are in a nice guild you will have not issue. But if not or cannot make the raid group finder is absurd. People having to have Aotc just for normal because they just want to blaze through the content, high ilvl requirements, the runs are being sold all the time as well. Basically if you are not in a guild that raids at varied times you might have issues finding a normal pug that can even finish the place or lets you in.

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What if people just started the expac?

No they shouldnt.

God forbid you put some effort into your charachters.

So start your own group.

Then those groups arent for them. High exp groups arent the place to learn.

Based on the information as of Apr 27th ptr post It said fated raids there was a setup for LFR fated raids in this build of the ptr. As of May 31st Achievement was released live There was no reason to think LFR was not included other than its never been done before, but neither has been using previous tier raids as a current tier done either.

Could have corrected people before relasing it to live game when the ptr had fated LFR

Nor has normal but such is this season being an experiment.

Raid tiers normally are 1 raid, rarely 2, exceptionally rare 3 and even then not 3 10+ boss raids (only one that is recent that even comes to mind is first Tier of Legion and that was even at a staggered pace)

Oh has it?

These seem to imply otherwise.

Who said they don’t? I can meet the requirements and I can feel that this being removed from LFR is wrong?

I could do that. But who is going to stick around if there are wipes?

edit: BTW I would title my group Castle Nathria or whatever raid. Learning group for mount.