To buy or not to buy Doom Eternal

I’m stuck on the fence about this game and decided to solicit some other thoughts, opinions, recommendations outside of steam.

Doom Eternal is currently on sale on Steam. I loved Doom 2016 and was thinking of grabbing this but after reading some mixed reviews I’m having some second thoughts.

The reviews giving me most pause are the ones from people who really dislike the gameplay changes they made. I thought Doom 2016 was damn near perfect. Am I going to hate the changes or should I give it a chance?

I loved Doom 2016 and it was a great shooter.

I got Eternal hoping for more of the same, but it’s turned into mostly a puzzle platformer.

That’s not bad, but I don’t feel that’s what Doom is really supposed to be. Sometimes you just want to run around shooting blowing stuff up mindlessly.

You don’t have many areas where you’re just doing that.

Remember those Kirin Tor world quests in legion where you had to go in the air and hit waypoints to boost you around to get to the top?

Yeah, that’s Doom eternal.

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Is it meant to be hard? I only just started it there seems to be not enough ammo
I’m playing on too young to die

Yes. You need to strategically use chainsaw for ammo on the hardest monsters. Insta-kill plus ammo.

I personally think it was a mistake to remove the pistol (i used this to kill weak enemies in the first game) but what do I know.

If there isn’t enough ammo, you’re thinking wrong.
There is infinite ammo for every single fight.

Doom Eternal requires you to re-arrange your thought process for how you analyze the fights.

The small, one-shot demons are not your enemies. They are your Ammo Packs, your Armor Packs, and your Health Packs.

Make sure to bind your Grenades, your Flamethrower and the switch between frost and frag grenades to easy-access keys.

Light little guy on fire, activate chainsaw. Armor + Ammo.
Light small pack of little guys on fire, drop frost-grenade with the right perk, switch and frag grenade them as well. Massive Armor + Health pickup for no ammo cost.

Save your ammo for the real demons. Anything Imp-level and below is walking health pack and not worth using ammunition on, some health packs are more prickly than others, though.

If you want super easy mode, get the Grenade Launcher attachment for your pump shotgun. Once you get used to it it lets you very easily disarm Mancubi, Revenants, Arachnotrons, and one-shot Caecodaemons.

If you run out of ammo does your chainsaw become free to use?

No, you need gas.

The Chainsaw is your main source of Ammo. Any enemy killed with the chainsaw drops ammo and the chainsaw kills most enemies in one hit. The catch with the chainsaw is it uses gas, and can only hold three charges at once. While the chainsaw itself will only recharge 1 gas charge, you can pick up more charges in the world to hit the max. If you have 3 charges you can Chainsaw bigger demons, but it will waste all 3 charges, only leaving you with one after the cool down. It is rare you should ever need to use it on all 3, you should really focus on using it on smaller enemies quickly when you need a shot of ammo. The second your low ammo warning hits, start looking for a small demon as soon as possible

it seemed to work when I ran out of ammo for the smaller enemies