"To be prepared" quest bugged

I cannot complete the quest “To be prepared” horde. The entities do now show up for me to interact with. I have tried to abandon the quest to try to skip the into legion scenario but no skip option is available, it just wants me to accept the quest again. I have tried reloading, disabling addons, party syncing with someone else even going as far as logging in on another comp to try it. My dalaran hearth will not work I think I need to complete the quest “in the blink of an eye” but i can’t even get that far. None of that would matter too much but once in dalaran when the wind NPC takes me to Thrall (I’m a shaman) to start my order hall there is no dialog option or quest starter either. I’m stuck. I’ve created a ticked and they said Gm’s cannot help with quests…and gave an automated response. Pls Halp:(


If you picked up the Dalaran Hearthstone from the innkeeper, you may want to try deleting it. I’ve seen some people say that it can cause some weirdness with those early quests. (You might want to set your regular hearthstone there first to get back easier if it doesn’t work as there’s no direct Broken Isles Dalaran portal.)

The next thing to try is to see if the Archivist NPC in the Violet Citadel in Dalaran has any of the Legion starter quests for you. Maybe those can shake something loose.

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Thank you for the response. I deleted my dalaran hearthstone and went to the Archivist, she gives me the To Be Prepared quest if I don’t already have it. I tried a few more times and the quest entities that I’m supposed to interact with are just not showing up no matter what I do. As of right now I can’t skip it either. And I think the intro quests to legion are the ones preventing me from getting to my order hall :frowning: pretty sucky situation. I wanted the mount! lol


As a long shot you can try and see to see if Dalaran is above Karazhan in Deadwind pass. Then try to talk to Khadgar in the center building (where the teleport to the Chamber of the Guardian is in Legion Dalaran) to see if you can get him to teleport Dalaran.

Beyond that, I might try another ticket, but specifically mention the quest is bugging out and ask for a GM to flag it as complete for you. You might have to escalate the ticket to get some help if you get an automated “game hint” type response the first time.

I have the exact same problem. My character is also a shaman and I cannot start my class hall quests because this “To Be Prepared” quest is bugged for me. The NPCs that are supposed to be outside Orgrimmar are not there and, therefore, I cannot complete the quest. I’ll try to submit a ticket again, maybe this will help this time?

Same issue here, still isn’t fixed

I have managed to fix this issue.
I party synced with someone who had not started the Legion content and was able to pickup the quests from the board again and do the full quest line.

This put me in the correct phase with all the required NPCs, I could then progress on to Dalaran.

This also unlocked the Shaman Artifact quest that I could not get and made my Dalaran Hearthstone functional.


You’re the MVP

What a hero party sync basically saves my life

This worked for me and it is 2024, I had my brother party sync me and did the questline up until I got the Dalaran Hearthstone (that I already had, but never worked)