To all you “git gud” players out there

The copium from you is nice and delicious. Sorry that you had to use a baseless argument that blizzard is only doing this because of public outcry instead of you know… some of the challenges are indeed overtuned. Which is what they said in the blue post addressing this.

Yeah, we’ll go with that. You’re definitely not the one on [insert meme buzzword for cool points here]. You’re fun.

what an original comeback!

I always love it when two trolls are double teaming me and they are losing. Poor babies can’t handle the fact that blizzard is nerfing some of these challenges. Challenges they said they will never do.

Keep drinking that copium boys.

People posting in favor of keeping the unannounced changes that were implemented who are not in any position to do the mage tower themselves.

Blizzard: “Come back and resub for 9.1.5 to do Legion timewalking and Legion dungeon mythic+ up to +15! And do the mage tower for new rewards!”
Also Blizzard: “We didn’t mean you.”

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Blizzard just admitted all you trolls are trolling when you claim MT is fine. Hopefully they ban you.


I never said any such thing. May I recommend you

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Just because they’re getting nerfed doesn’t mean they needed it. I don’t have all the details or experience with all 36. I do have experience with warrior though. I have heard all sorts of things about fury being broken, OP, impossible. Yet, we see many Fury warriors that succeeded.
My point is, I don’t think anyone has the full data yet. Should of given it a week and see how things pan out. Thus we’d have a full week left of nerfed tower.

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Just leave these people alone. The less we quote, mention, the better. :eyes:

It is mostly Arms that is being reported to being broken. I personally have never seen anyone claim that for fury. Neither here or on the timewalking discord. I would like some examples though.

inb4 you tell me to “look it up yourself”.

They already acknowledge it on wow head and planned on fixing some of it.

But they’re only here to help.

Seriously, I bet there was a ton of unsubs for devs to even consider releasing this statement. I guess all the pro-blizz trolls working to convince posters that the playerbase doesn’t deserve content failed to impact those who chose to unsub over this issue.

The impression I got was more like “they’re looking into it”.

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Hint: Jump + leap out of first and third ice, cleave and BS second and 4th. Leap to the invisible demon. Take it to the edge, slowly walk back as the puddle grows. Leap away at the last second or two of the adds spawn. Rinse repeat before floor is full.
Use crusader enchant and it’s an absolute joke. This is in the Warrior discord. Part of the reason I haven’t bothered with any of the others. No point unless I actually plan on leveling other toons to work on the book mount.

Oh I don’t doubt you Moo I’m sure there were quite a few un-subs I’m standing in the area now on my realm and folks are flapping their gums left n right prob already heard over 50 different folks saying they quit and won’t return.

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The ‘get goods’ vs the ‘git guds’. Afternoon school special.

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Thanks for that… I know how to the arms challenge. However there are actual reports of people dying to his filler spell for damage that it should not actually be doing.

You still didn’t give me anything about you hearing that there were tons of reports that fury was the one with the most amount of problems out of the 3 warrior ones. But I expected that would happen though.

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It should also take out actual item level into account, just how the OG MT did.
Let some get it now, and let them flex. I will get it in 9.2

It’s cause they twitched in the razor ice. Just gotta take the fingers off the “WASD” when you know it’s about to start.

His filler spell is the razor ice? Are you actually reading what I’m posting or just what you want to hear?

Still waiting on that “people are reporting that fury is broken” evidence.

Ice bolt needs to be kicked or reflected. Most people are dying to the ice razors and ice storm.