To all those solo guild owners


I usually have my raider in a guild and the rest of my guys are in my personal guild. I want that 8th tab but no way I can complete the achievement on my own .

The idea:
Join the chat channel /hero swap
I am just starting it up so I am not sure how it will go but basic idea is u work out trades with other gm to put a guy of yours in their guild for a guy of theirs in your guild. I think u need to be max level and honored with the guild. Once that happens u move ur guy back into your guild.

Hoping this chat could be a spirit for people to connect and maybe even find people to run a dungeon or island with


Count me in, I have quite a few characters on stormscale to mix and match. May even level a few to get the achievement. Much easier than cleaning up my bank :wink: