TL3 auto-embeds not working for some giphy images

Lately, the forum hasn’t been auto embedding GIFs from giphy(.com) for TL3 characters. These have worked for years in the past. Whether it’s relevant or not, they did change the media links to a a generated 115-digit path segment a few weeks(?) ago from the shorter paths they used to use.

One of the older, shorter paths that I still have saved (embeds just fine):

The images with longer, newer paths do not embed properly by just using the URL:

The webp links will auto embed still (this is

If you manually use the image markdown with the giphy GIF links like below, it still works:
![tilting at wow windmills|400x374](
tilting at wow windmills

As far as I’ve seen so far, GIFs (and other images) from other sites seem to embed okay.
Having to use the image markdown to embed GIFs from giphy is not a huge deal for me (except for the image cropping in the post preview [Cropped images during post preview when using image scaling parameters - #2 by Pharazon-thorium-brotherhood]) because I already do that a lot of the time, but I’m sure it’s annoying for any poster with TL3 that doesn’t know how to do that and is used to GIFs auto-embedding.

This was seemingly fixed for a while, but it’s been happening again for a few days: the auto-embed is only working intermittently with some—but not all—of the long giphy “gif” urls. The gifs have actually been auto-converted to webp images, and those always work though those all have much shorter folder lengths in the path.

As before, manually using the markdown works with the long giphy urls that are not properly embedding again.

Here’s how the comment composing window looks when it doesn’t attempt to auto-embed: