Titans Grip suggestion

I would like to see Titan’s grip made into a class skill, rather than a spec only option!

I think it would help solve some reoccurring issues for some specs, and seperate Warriors from our other plate friends even more. One change creating a more unique look and feel. Of course there would be some balance adjustments, but it would open up more utlity viability to Arms and some solid DPS potential for Protection Wars.

Arms Warriors would still be the single Two-handed weapon spec, but could equip a shield. This would open up Shield Block and Shield Talents in PvP. Instead of hanging the entire spec’s durability on the Defensive Stance Talent (which is either hilliariously OP, or Trash)
-We could finally ditch the concept, and introduce Arms Warriors to active damage mitigation, similar to a rogue’s Fient, weaving Shield Block into combat at the right time, instead of a passive gimmick.

Protection Warriors could get a better stat stick out of it, with higher potential returns on high-rage/active abilities like Devastator, Revenge and Ravenger. I think it would also create better scaling damage abilities for Warriors, who’s DPS output seems to fall off of a cliff the further the tiers climb, or we lean hard into gimmick option (T-clap spam / Corruption) like past expantions.

This could also open up the “spartan” look that im sure many of us would like to T-mog into!

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I don’t think 1handing a 2handed weapon makes thematic sense for arms or prot, and don’t think it would actually shore up any gaps in toolkit.

Shield block and Shield Bash alone would create more utility options for Arms Warriors, while increasing the skill ceiling. Defensive Stance is a ‘fire and forget’ ability that is either too good or not worth it . We could see potential talents / builds for Arms that utilize having easy access to a shield, and the reintroduced class wide Warrior abilities.

-I think it would make more thematic sense for an Armsman to have more weapons at his disposel, no?

The aesthetic alone would be glorious.

So arms warriors get to wield a 2 hand weapon and a shield and have access to shield block and shield slam

Prot warriors get to wield a 2 hand weapon and a shield and have access to shield block and shield slam.

But they’re 2 completely different things?

Eh…see the issue there?

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Why is that an issue? Balance the rage generation as part of the spec or make it prot specific.

Without the additional mastery stack that increases AP, and protection specific talents Shield slam is a softer attack than your standard Arms rotation? The damage is fairly weak outside of your current tier piece set, which would not be active as Arms?

Maybe they could bring back the old dispell as a PvP talent ?

Because you changing Titans Grip to all specs just made Arms and Prot the exact same thing. Especially if they’re sharing Shield Slam/Shield Block

Arms can already shield block and shield slam by swapping to a 1h+shield. Letting them have a shield full time to enable these without losing access to their offensive abilities would have the opposite effect on the skill ceiling. Arms doesn’t even need shield block, because they have parry.

Also, a master of weapons wouldn’t generally one hand a weapon designed for two handed use. You would be throwing away any advantage of the weapon. You can two hand a one handed weapon, but one handing a two handed weapon wouldn’t be used with a shield.