Titan Residuum in Season 4

And that is how Blizzard should have framed this.

Or, more logically, 1 residuum = 1 silver since that’s just simpler

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No. They have done this for many years and it was always converted into silver when they removed or reset a currency. You likely weren’t around then so I can see why it would be confusing, but they aren’t going to give people 100k+ gold for TR which is extremely easy to get.

Scaling up is ok. That way I know I can still try to do higher keys cos I can still try to save up as much as I can, and perhaps I will be more willing to do higher keys after I’ve already spent and bought everything that I want to get.
Turning them into silver is different. If I want to gold farm, I will do something else, like crafting stuff, gathering material, trade on AH, or just buy a Wow Token.
Once again I will emphasize that it is only fair if they have announced this when the season starts. You shouldn’t change the rule of the game midway (not counting bugs / abuse / exploits)

Well, Season 4 won’t start until probably mid January or later and we’ve known about the conversion since Octover 29th. I’d say that’s plenty fair warning regarding the change.


I just wanted to reiterate the quoted statement here. Please be aware that the conversion is happening in one week, during maintenance for the content update.

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Kaivax, is it possible to give us a rundown about Season 4 start ?

Like when exactly do Mythic+ dungeons will be scaled to the new PTR tuning, is it on the 14th or 21st ? When exactly do our keys “lose 4 levels” ? The 14th key or the 21st ?

Caps in place for the first week of season 4 ?

Why won’t blues say what the conversion will be? Assuming it’s the same as the PTR is… ineffective. It might be right, but it might be wrong.

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Think they meant the drop rates and costs.

Which is a flat 10% on the PTR, so aside from looking smaller, really has no actual change in how long it’ll take players to gather and spend it – in other words, their “sensible values” change is completely futile.

That’s because their claim that new players were scared off by “big numbers” like 120 was accepted by so many players so easily as a critical reason a level squish needed to be implemented. So they’re trying the “numbers are hard” rationale again.


So, why wouldn’t we buy residuum items before server reset and sell them back, or break them down in 8.3?

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That won’t work, they already stated.

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You should do residuum conversion when actual new season starts, not before it…
And let players spend theirs earned residuum from week before the patch…

Also conversion rate is a joke…
For 400k residuum you only get like 4k gold, really Blizzard? It should be at least 40k gold…

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Haven’t read all the replies. What happens next Tuesday in our cache? Gold just pops out for the residum and is it same Ilvl gear or different stuff? (+10)

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I’m sure I remember back in the early days when I started playing - Wrath for example - the only time gear-related currency was downgraded to gold was at the end of the expansion.

Why is it necessary to invalidate a currency that is still in use during the current expansion?

Typical current WoW developer thinking.

If you were there for Season 3 start, it required them to massively inflate the cost of items and massively inflate residuum gains for Season 3 because they needed a way for people not to be able to buy 445s on day 1 from Season 2 leftovers.

So now instead they are simply resetting residuum for everyone. Just like Honor/Conquest used to be refunded and reset every PvP season.

Yes, I see that, I guess the problem for me is that I’m a fairly casual player and I never managed to get enough residuum to buy anything worthwhile. I guess personally I just have to look upon it as an irrelevant currency and forget about it.

I wish we got the options to buy az pieces for alts. Even if just 420 az pieces. I would prefer that over some silly silver that is worthless.

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You do. Benthic.