Tips on controlling pet in PvP?

Hey guys,
I’ve always had issues with hunter pets in pvp. They chase too far, lock you in combat, and are always super far away when you want to target swap and Kill Command.

Does anyone have any add-ons, macros, or tips for controlling them in pvp?

I’ve tried hotkeying them Passive when I want them to stop, however, I forget to switch them to defensive again and when I mount up, I can’t fix it.

I use the default call back ctrl-2, I haven’t tried Play Dead in BGs or Arenas but in World PvP it can/does work.

The simplest method is to put Pet Assist and Pet Passive on the Pet’s action bar. If the pet starts running off, click Passive and it will stop attacking and run back to you. Once it’s back, click Pet Assist again.

I use a macro to attack current target or return to me if no target. You could also macro in /petattack to all offensive spells to make sure your pet is always attacking what you are.

Keeping my pet on Passive seems to work fine most of the time.

Using skills like Kill Command or Barb Shot to send my pet in and initiate the attack and they stay on the target until dead, then they come back.
If you know you are leaving the fight…I am now to the point where I dont even look, I just click passive a few times to make them come back sooner.

I was under the impression that the pet joins you in the attack and then stops. In other words, it doesn’t use it’s abilities or auto attacks. Is that not true?

I have pet follow key bound as well as pet attack to help control my pet easier in pvp situations. The binds that I chose are easy access and with my pet on passive it is much easier to control in most situations. If taunt is involved I have petattack macroed to Cobra Shot and Chimaera shot to negate it easier. EDIT: If you are MM you can macro it to Arcane Shot for example or for Survival Serpent sting as well.