Tip for mage tower

Just finished agatha.

Best tip I can offer is throw coastal surge on a weapon below 140. The healing from it made an enormous difference and kept me healthy.

That’s a good idea. Hadn’t thought of it.

Also a few things that may seem obvious but might be helpful for someone:

Maximize shield uptime

Keep your shield up at all times, keep track of the cooldown and try not to stand in anything or let imps explode in your face. Minimizing the avoidable damage is key during this fight. Don’t take any of the damage from the purple or green swirls if possible because they will tear through your shields.

Alter Time can be used every single time she calls the imps (she yells something about children), the cooldown aligns perfectly with it

Don’t use Alter Time for anything except the imp phases. You’ll simply take too much damage.

Try not to get hit by a single boulder

The biggest thing for surviving to the end of the fight is really not getting hit by these. When she transitions to the back side of the cavern and calls her imps, it might be tempting to run in and Arcane Explosion them but it’s a lot safer to try to use Hot Streak Flamestrikes if possible to kill them (maybe finishing off with a couple AEs if needed). Keep in mind the imps teleport.

The other thing to note about the boulders is to use your camera to watch them, and remember that when Agatha transitions to different sides of the cavern the boulders actually adjust position when they roll through the middle, so keep in mind they might not end up where it seems they will. One boulder, especially at the wrong time can and will wipe you.

Killing the plague imps makes your life easier

It’s okay to use Hot Streaks and Fire Blasts on the imps that explode. While they do die when they explode it actually is very helpful for the boulder phases to not have the plague zones dropped anywhere. Damage on Agatha shouldn’t be a problem.

Time Warp around 30% seemed to work the best for me

Tried TW at various times in the fight and the only effective one seemed to be during the last 30%. Agatha summons more imps so it makes it easier to kill them, break through her Dark Fury, and maximize Searing Touch Hot Streaks.

Mana Potions help a lot on this fight

Believe it or not, Mana Potions are very useful with the amount of Arcane Explosions you need. I use one early in the fight (Agatha between 60-70%) so I still have mana later to kill the imps.

If I think of more I’ll add it.


Legend, cheers.

There seems to be a lot of different strats for this, I think the biggest wiper are the balls

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Coastal surge helped a lot. I went from barely entering phase 2 to now consistently reaching phase 3 after putting that on.

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If you don’t want to worry about re-enchanting your weapon, you can get Embalmer’s Oil pretty cheap. Made a noticeable difference when doing the fire/arcane challenges.

I didn’t need mana pots, but I did have a few Abyssal Healing Potions, which basically give you a 2nd life (~80% healing). Super helpful when you’re a bad mage like me and have a habit of Alter Time porting into boulders.