Timewalking still giving repeat reward

Timewalking cache for weekly quest is still giving repeat item rewards.

For example last week it gave me boots and this week I get the exact same item.

This isn’t bad rng, there is something coded that is making it likely for some ppl to get the same item as a reward.

This has happened to me pre 10.1 too when 2 weeks in a row it gave me the same neck item 2 weeks in a row

Except it isn’t happening to everyone. I’ve gotten five distinct items in my five timewalking chests. Not even repetitions by slot.

So it’s either a bug that only affects you, or it’s just RNG.

Loot table for weekly quests just kinda suck.

What I mean is, usually only the first couple of timewalking weeks and maybe the first mythic 0 weekly quest are usually worth anything.

I usually get repeated drops.
This season I’ve gotten a ton of Off-hand for castors…(most best in slot is staff)
I literally got the same sword drop 3 times from timewalking.

Its not just timewalking, the mythic weekly feels this way too.

It’s gotten to a point where the cool thing making old dungeons relevant ends in dissapointment.

I noticed this too. I got the same belt three times in a row from the weekly quest, and it’s not the only item I’ve had that happen with. Seems like they could just make them unique…