Timegating dinars 3 weeks was a mistake or theres a massive bug we dont know about


You are responsible for how you and your account are represented in the game world. Cheating in any fashion will result in immediate action. Using third-party programs to automate any facet of the game, exploiting bugs, or engaging in any activity that grants an unfair advantage is considered cheating.

If you’re unsure if your actions violate this code of conduct, reconsider them. We reserve the right to restrict offending accounts as much as necessary to keep Blizzard games a fun experience for all players.

Did you bug report the bug of the quest giving completion multiple times for the boss kills? You said yourself you cleared heroic to ensure you got the dinar early admitting you knew it wasnt intended.

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I completed a quest that I autoaccepted when I went into LFR first thing tuesday.

I haven’t spent the dinar. I haven’t exploited anything nor will i exploit anything.

I completed a quest due to bad coding and I haven’t even used the dinar yet.

Even if I did a 285 shield is hardly an unfair advantage since I’m waiting to see if I get a 304 shield this morning in like… 7 hours.

What’s the purpose of this thread? To brag about allegedly obtaining an item through a bug?

There are only 3 dinars available this season. It’s a catch-up mechanic. Even if you somehow got one early (and conveniently are unable to figure out how to take/share a screenshot), it doesn’t matter. You’ll only be getting 2 more anyway.

Get off your high horse mate. This is not that serious.

The purpose was to express my opinion that everyone should have been able to get a dinar this week if they were willing to clear nathria on 3 difficulties. It was a mistake to timegate the dinar for 3 weeks if that was what they really wanted.

So youd have zero issues with having the dinar removed and your quest set back to 10/30.

There are players with multiple 285 fated pieces from sod already.

One can only hope you face someone with a gavel/ows so early in the season giving them a massive advantage.

By what metric. It’s no different than having to wait for the weekly reset to see what you get to pick from the vault.

If blizzard absolutely thinks they need to do that I can’t stop them.

If people have multiple 285 fated sanctum items that sounds a lot more serious than me completing the quest and not even making up my mind if I should get a shield or not yet.

Heard it was fixed early in the week but you legit just stated that its still bugged.

waiting 3 weeks for a normal raid item is kinda sad.

Yes, guardian druids can buy a gavel with a dinar but that’s also sad a strength weapon is bis for guardian.

Getting your first dinar item week 1 if you are willing to put in the effort, upgrading it week 2, getting your second item week 2 and upgrading it week 3 seems much more logical to me. Also gives more time to actually invest in alts to get them into season 4 as well.

Correct, there was a bug people abused to get the dynar early, its been patched. I wish they would remove it from the players who cheated it.

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What do you get with dinars? is it some cool toy to troll the AH ?? Not seeing anything as wowhead :smiley:

you didnt get credit for Sire , Me either when I clearred LFR , but got teh credit for it teh minute I set foot in his room , before killing him ( may of been after I attacked but definately before teh kill as I didnt clear him on noght one in there ) .

You can buy any shadowlands raid loot item at normal fated ilvl.

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Other people have said it, but:

You can upgrade those 288’s to 298. (If you have at least 2k M+ rating, which won’t be a thing until next week, or the bleeding edge M+ players somehow manage to accumulate 2k rating with no fortified week scores.)

EDIT: Oh wow, there actually are people with 2k M+ rating already. Holy crap.

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As far as I am aware you cannot get more than 10/30 in the first week not matter how many bosses on however many difficulties you do.

Which is why i pointed out it’s misleading because you need to spend hours upon hours getting your rating up to upgrade them to 12/12 and you need to get thousands of valor to upgrade them as well.

So it’s not “easy 298” loot. It’s hours and hours of grinding to find the loot, grind out the valor and the rating to upgrade it to 298.

Except you can quickly farm valor in +2 keys, since all keys give the same amount.

Which is why +2 keys fill up so quickly.

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8 or 9 dungeon runs for a single rank.

3 ranks equals… 20 minutes per run being generous… 4-7 hours to upgrade a single item.

(plus the time it took to get the rating for upgrading 12/12)

…what are you smoking?

In the absolute worst case scenario, you have to go through 8 runs, yes – if you’re upgrading a two handed weapon from one rank to another, and only ever get into +2 runs where it is not a new M+ record for anyone in the group. [1000 / 135 = 7.4, meaning it takes 8 runs to get enough valor to upgrade once]

In a more realistic ‘worst case’ scenario, you have to go through 5 runs to upgrade a two handed weapon from one rank to another. [1000 / 200 = 5]

If you’re upgrading slots that don’t cost a lot of valor (Shields, Off-hands, rings, cloaks, bracers, amulets), you can get an ilevel upgrade in as little as two runs [250 / 200 = 1.25]

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