Time to go for me

Well bois, I was holding out to 9.1 to see changes to hunters that would entice me to stay. Hunters have been neglected just far too long. Blizzard advertised there were sweeping changes coming, PvP talent reworks, legendary changes. Not a single mention of Hunters in the patch notes.

My WoW journey ends here. I hope for all your sakes there are changes and maybe if they do come I may come back, but for now Blizzard gets no more of my money.



You realize these ate not all changes and each week we will get fresh batch of updates for classes?

Just because there were none this week does not mean there won’t be any next one.

100k gold says sv won’t be touched though, but w/e.


Datamined initial changes for the literal first week of a PTR with the actual patch being probably in the fall is a TERRIBLE metric to use.

Stay strong little buddy


The ptr hasn’t been out for a day yet. You know its all subject to change right? We haven’t even scratched the surface on information with the upcoming patch…

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I wont regurgitate what others have already made clear. But I will say, hang in there. There’s lots more to come. Maybe we will get some love maybe we wont.
But, perhaps it may be good for you to take a break. Knee-jerking out of the game, with so much more time before the final release, sounds like there may be bigger game issues for you than just some balance/tuning for your class/spec.


Hang in there. These notes are just for a portion of 9.1. We are getting a very OP bow in the raid, so I suspect that they are very aware that hunters need help. Im taking a wait and see attitude. Always lots of changes in patches as the PTR adds more content down the line.im hopping fir a kill command buff at the least

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Some people just like to cry. Here’s a tissue fer yer issue.


Do you play Hunter only if they are the Flavor of the Month? Good luck.

I’ve seen the worst. I played BM Hunter on Legion, the era when BM Hunter was the at the bottom of the Logs and when Icy Veins BM Guide says switching to MM is the BM Guide. I played through it and spent highlighting its issues leading to resolution of Bugs allowing me to develop my toon like normal. I was just Casual then but I was able to reach M+15 on it and even destroyed the whole Mythic Emerald Nightmare all on Dungeon Finder on a BM Class whom people knew as a weaksauce. I had a Blast.

Do I care if my current Class/specs at the bottom right now? Nope. Even if my Class is at the bottom, I wont be at the bottom becoz there are tons of noobs out there. All I know is all Class/specs regardless of Covenant would beat M+15/AoTC. But I know the Meta. Meta is applicable only above M+15 and Mythic Raiding. And it doesnt concerns me.


you do realize that the first round of changes are prob the small ones right ? meaning hunter might actually get some meaningful change so people might actually enjoy it more than eating glass

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Happy Trails. I hope you return, as that will mean finally something good is happening for the Hunter class.


Something that helped me may help you too.

When I played Classic last year, I had a blast because it was all so new to me. About halfway through I started getting competitive and really wanted to do well for the Guild that took me in. Unfortunately, Hunters in Classic started strong and faded and there was nothing I could do.

Even if I was the very best (which I am certainly not) I was going to struggle.

So I turned off my damage meters and didn’t look at logs.

I had very specific jobs in raids and I did those reliably and I was able to do things out in the world. I was able to help Guildmates level alts. I focused on the people and friends I had made…and started having fun again.

Knowing my class and my average skills I was still welcome to stay for TBC, but I missed retail and my friends here.

After having a taste of blowing things up in TC with lucky builds, I would LOVE to be a monster in this game, and I’d be lying to say it doesn’t disappoint me that I not. But it’s ok, because I can do the things I want to do on my own and play with my friends as well.

Hope you find your joy in the game again.


Hasta la Vista baby

Why, it sounds as if you were trying to be a good person through selfless play.
And, were rewarded, just as the Good Book promises will occur!

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Lol. Don’t be silly.

If I was helpful to my guild, they didn’t mind my abysmal DPS and let me stay and didn’t bench me for raids!!!

Seriously though, I did have fun.

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Bullhit … I am not mad at balance. If you have the hands MM is quite viable and BM will go up as exp goes on -

This is JUST NOT the game I wanna play anymore

  • low cost story? No solo pve ENGAGING difficulty?
    Is it all about pushing keys - looking for BiS - doing (an after long months) a boring raid so to see if BY A CHANCE you get an upgrade to one of your slots - farming AF a mount or two … did I mention an emotionless a ever seen lackluster story before?

On an MMO, Solo is usually for leveling. Once you max’d on level, you progress towards a difficult content. All difficult content of WoW since Vanilla are on groups. And the most difficult content has always been Mythic Raiding. On Vanilla, Naxx40 was the equivalent to Mythic Raiding.

Just imagine, why would you Raid if you can progress by yourself on Solo? The game progression is all about Dungeons and Raids. If you expect Solo progression, sorry bud, you are on a wrong game.

BFA has a Solo progression. The path towards Mythic Raiding is to either to go towards: Heroic Raiding, Mythic +15 or 5-Masked Horrific Vision. 5-Masked Horrific Vision could be solo’d. And it rewards equivalent to Heroic Raiding and M+15 loots. Why would you do around 12 people Heroic Raid or 5-man M+15 if you can get quality loots on Solo on Horrific Vision? But nevertheless, the hardest content was on Mythic Raiding… on group.

If we could get Mythic Raiding quality loots on Solo, even Mythic Raiders would go that path. And it would make Mythic Raiding a joke… all progression raids and progression M+ would become a joke. So nope, sorry. It wont happen.

On Shadowlands, Torghast can be solo’d. It has fights that are engaging. But it is somewhat frustrating to many people when they spend so much time and they got nothing when they got pwned at the End Boss. Well, Ion is gonna try to change that and he’s gonna try it on 9.1. We have to get something if we spend too long on Torghast. Hope it would become better.

On the story, I really dont care. I am more entertained on gameplays than on stories. When I completed the whole Molten Core back in the days, did I care for its story? I dont even know if there is a story behind it. And Vanilla has Naxx40 where fewer than 5% of population reached it. See… 95% of WoW population had never seen it. They dont know if there is a story in there. But the Vanilla game was a Hit producing expansion after expansion.

To me, Shadowlands story is building up… Anduin becoming a Death Knight is a good story to me. I hope to see the story of Sylvanas got whooped in the azs on forthcoming patches.

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I know you are fustrated and its been blowin for us hunters, but lets let this ptr play out. Still very early. Hold strong and lets see


Just saying, but…

“It’s just the pre alpha”

“It’s just alpha”

“It’s just beta”

“It’s just prepatch!”

“It’s just the first content patch”

tbh f this bullsh…


I know more changes are coming and those changes will most likely affect the class I choose to play, but tbh, there is ZERO trust in blizz anymore, period.
They will screw around with the classes to try to get them to do something which never works out how they intend it to be which, in turn, has even bigger side affects for players bc of blizz’s lazy idea of centering classes around borrowed power and not the spec themselves. Which means new covenant farming, legendaries, all that crap that a player must go through to remain revelant.
If nothing looks good by 9.1, I may just unsub.