Time to give Rogue a ranged spec?

Rogues have 3 specs that are to similar.
Take out one and changed it to a ranged spec.
This spec should be able to use bows, crossbows, and guns.

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How would it be different from MM hunter?


yeah and DH should have a ranged spec where they use fel/shadow magic and summon demons to fight with them (this is a joke)


All the Rogue specs play differently and have thier own identity. Sub is a burst spec, Sin is a consistent damage spec, Outlaw is a cleave spec.

One is a ninja, one is an assassin, and one is a pirate.

What would the ranged spec be?


I always thought it would be kind of interesting seeing outlaw becoming a tank spec. They could keep all the same utility and just be more capable of taking a hit but I don’t think I honestly would ever really want to see it actually happen lol.

No ty. go play hunter.


I always thought it would be cool to have outlaw into a true pirate. Introduce pistols to the game and have them dual wield pistols.

But in reality they should just introduce a new class in general if they do that.


No pets combo strikes ranged

back in mop, when shuriken toss activated 30 yd auto attack range, I would spend hours on the timeless isle and in random bgs farming bloody coins. deadly throw was my ranged finisher. it was a fun playstyle. so that could be fun.
I am not interested in tanking
wouldn’t be opposed to making outlaw have a choice between dual wield and 2 handed weapons.


Eh maybe, we don’t have a ranged combo point user so it would be different. MM already doesn’t use pets, but they have the option to so they can lust. I suppose if this rogue ranged spec didn’t have access to a pet or lust and used combo points, maybe it would be different enough from MM. I’m not completely sold though, but it would be nice to have another ranged weapon user.

Rogue would have all the stuns etc and range. Maybe some mobility or more vanish.

While I don’t PvP, that sounds like trash to have to deal with in PvP. If Blizz let one of the specs to be ranged instead of melee, maybe. But again, I’m still not sold on it. I can’t think of anything that would make a ranged rogue different enough from hunter other than not having pets and using combo points.

nope. we are rogues, this isn’t gw 2 with that goofy sniper nonsense they made. That is what marksman is for.

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If the devs would even had extra time to spend on rogue, which I seriously doubt would ever happen, I would rather they spend it on polishing existing specs than create another one.
If more varied would be the one of effects thanks to that work, so let it be.

a ranged rogue is a hunter. bye bye

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it could actually be good. MM has been trash since legion launched.

I don’t care for MM since, for me, a hunter means you have a pet. If they rewarded MM somehow then this ranged rogue spec would work probably, but not sure how to change up MM.

merge sub and sin and add a ranged spec.
Sub and sin really dont have that much to distinguish themselves, the main difference is shadowdance, which would help give sin a cool CD.
Make one branch more shadow dance heavy and the other more poison/bleed heavy.
The new talent system would easily accomodate both playstyles in the same spec since there really isnt all that much that makes them unique from eachother.

Then add in a ranged spec that uses the classic rogue mechanics (energy/combo points) poisons and bleeds but in a ranged package.

It would be nice to have more options for archers and claiming marksman fills the fantasy is super lazy. Marksman covering all archers is awful design, id love to see more variety in archer spec, they can make a dozen ranged caster specs surely they could make more than one archer spec.


Well, Sin have different playstyle, it focuses on poisons and bleeds dots, Sub have different playstyle, focused around quick spending CPs, armor penetration and shadow magic dmg, Shadow Dancing etc.

The common thing for all 3 spec is energy as a resource bar, combo builders and combo spenders and a handful of shared abilities (Sprint, Healing Pot, Poisons etc.). Thinking that way Outlaw could be also merged…

They really dont have anything distinct though.
Both use bleeds, both use poisons, both fight from the shadows.
The only real distinction is artificial, sub deals shadow damage, big whoop. Sin uses daggers and sub uses shuriken! minor glyph tier difference wow.

you know outlaw is a completely different beast admit it. Outlaw doesnt just have a completely different thematic, it plays completely differently too. No bleeds, no dots, big hitting skills and managing a bunch of CDs. The fantasy is a trickster duelist not an assassin.
The fantasy of assassination is an assassin, the fantasy of sub is a ninja, which is equivalent to an assassin.

There isnt a single ability sub has that wouldnt make sense on sin, and there isnt a single sin ability that wouldnt make sense on sub. they are the same spec artificially split because they have a 3 specs per class quota to fill. Merge them and make them both the most awesome specs they can possibly be while giving us a ranged spec that writes itself.