Time gate or Renown locked story and Slitherdrake?

Can we get a confirmation please if the story and Slitherdrake is time gated or locked behind renown??? Iv assumed its time gated but I keep hearing diffrent information.


Where is the white skin/scales dropping? if it drops in Mythic+ I am going to flip a lot of TABLES!

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Guess you’ll find out next week.

Was a little confused about this as well. I’ve already obtained a few different customization options for a mount I don’t even have yet.

Yes! The chapters titled “Inherited Sin” and “Inevitable Confrontation” will arrive next week, and that will include the Slitherdrake mount.

We also have some updates to in-game text that should clarify this coming soon.


Why exactly???

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Good, good. As a Dragon Riding Andy, this slithery boy was one of the big feature I was looking forward to and not having it this week was kind of sus considering I knocked out most of the flying related stuff yesterday.


So we don’t blow through it real quick. Not sure which people would rather, blow through all the content in a single evening, or do a little bit each week.

I do wish I could unlock that mount now since that’s the mount I’d settled on when it was datamined.

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I just want the dang mount that was advertised as if it would be available


I don’t really mind this by itself but why are we getting customization options for a mount that we don’t have yet. Would have made more sense to just unlock the mount at the end of chapter 4, but oh well.


I was able to do chapters 1-4…just not start chapter 5.


and it will be lol.

You mean chapters 5 and 6 right? Because we’ve done 1-4 this week.

It was advertised specifically as available on May 2nd.


I got one of those yesterday from a rare I believe.

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Different people prefer each, so if Blizz wants to cater to both sweaties and casuals, they’ll get complaining from both sides :person_shrugging:

Dang Blizzard literally boxed you in.

Think you mean 5 and 6. We’re already at 4/7 completed.

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dragonflight, time gating something thats got to do with flying…

gee that was a shock, typical lizzard putting it on a chapter that we can’t get yet because “nah u can’t have the drake but we can have your money”…

what a dumb way to promote “dragonflight” - please think next time… sigh

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