Tiger's Peak Temporarily Closing

In order to fix some issues with Tiger’s Peak, we’re removing it from the pool of Arena maps. This should take place during our next scheduled maintenance.

We expect to re-open this Arena in a future update to the game.


This is one approach. Simply eliminate one arena per month until they no longer have to address ANY issues. May just work.


…This isn’t the first time they’ve done this, remember when Boralus’s arena had issues and they closed it temporarily? This seems nit-picky.


Can you also close Disc priests until further patching


no matter what people will always have a reason to whine and complain. This is fine, fix what needs to be fixed. Much appreciated.

While you’re at it though, the new Warsong has some bugs. The roof box sections on each side has LoS problems where you can cast right through the wall. You also cant cap the flag from behind the pillars while on cap. Could cause game changing outcomes. While a druid holds the new flag it points out like a spear and the cheetah form glyph doesn’t allow the the flag to be shown on the character at all.



Imma let you finish, but the original ring of valor was the best arena of all time.


What was wrong with Tiger’s Peak? And why couldn’t whatever is wrong be hotfixed? The arena has been in the game for years, why is there an issue now?

We’ll probably never get this arena back just like the old Ring Of Valor arena they took out and never added back…

It really seems like the theme of BFA is removing things. Almost literally an Anti Expansion…


There were a lot of bugs where mages could blink into the stairs to the tiger platforms and go underneath it. Also, people were getting feared through the pillar’s etc. I’ve seen it quite often since patch.

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You forgot the other map issue for blade’s edge arena. It still exists. Mind fixing that too? Thx


Disable windwalkers and Ill log on.


Literally stopped on this comment like this man knows what up… #BRINGBACKTSG i mean ring of valor.

You can get feared under the staircases on the side (where eye spawns) and also pets just path through walls and a bunch of other things. Can get feared through the map etc., so probably just trying to fix that issue first

Nice :slight_smile:

How does this even break lol wtf is going on over there


That’s what you got when the management decide to layoff QA teams …Keep it going guys, you are doing great!

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I’d just like to take a moment… and ask, Anyone remember ring of valor? you member… broken for 2 xpacs before they said they were going to “fix it” and it never came back. yeah… good times.

2 expansions ago eh?..Seems like you’ll be fine, an arena is an arena.

Not 2 expacs ago… i said broken FOR 2 cpacs, same thing though… i’m kinda disheartened by losing this arena, because as a WW i DESTROY wizard cleaves on this arena. Easy port placement for line. Easy to pull out of line on cd’s etc. its okay though. As long as they bring it back fixed.

In other words, this arena is gone for good because blizzard doesn’t care about pvp.

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