Tiger's Peak Temporarily Closing

They took it behind the shed like my dad said he did with our dog

Please don’t tell us Tiger’s Peak went to live on a farm out in the country.

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You’ve really dropped the ball with arena this xpac haven’t you Devs…

Bout time ya’ll quit and let a new team take over. Just hire a bunch of work experience guys and gals. They’ll do.

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Any word on when this arena reopens?

If you guys wanna take an instanced PvP area from us, give us back Tigers Peak and you can take Temple of Kotmogu back, while you’re at it take seething shore too

Nice nearly 3 weeks since this post was made thanks for keeping us updated

So when is ring of valor coming back?

How temporary is temporary

Any updates?

Can you give us details on some of the issues and/or bugs?
Edit: so we can keep on eye on other maps too.

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How is the bug fixing going? This is one of the best maps in the game and it would be great if it was put back into the arena pool soon.

Been over a month, man. Any updates as to when it comes back? Tiger’s Peak was one of the better maps in terms of balance.

Also if you want to remove Blade’s Edge, I’m all for it. Nobody likes it.

Its because its the brawler guild now

Also ring of valor was 3 xpacs ago

It’s pathetic that a minor bug fix can’t be fixed sooner.Shows the lack of competence by ActivisionBlizzard.They’ve fixed more complicated issues in a much shorter portion of time than this.

Off Topic is that they’ve not done any changes to class/spec balancing;clearly they believe that everything is balanced compared to the prior patches of this expansion, meanwhile, this is the most imbalanced catastrophe the entire expansion has experienced.Moveover, as an expansion in a whole form this expansion is by far the most imbalanced, unpleasant, and disappointing that WoW has ever succumbed to.Lastly, all the PvP developers should be ashamed of themselves for implementing further disappointing results to the player-base.

Do you have any experience in coding? If so and you think it’s so easy I bet blizz will hire you

Anyone else generally confused on how these bugs just pop up?

They didn’t adjust fear or fear pathing.
They didn’t adjust tiger’s peak.

Yet all of a sudden after 6 years the arena just breaks.


Its because wows code is a mess, why it took over a decade to be able to add to the backpack.

can we have this amazing arena back, please?


Don’t worry folks, they’ll manage to fix this one up sometime after the lan this weekend. They have to artificially reduce the map pool so by chance/the process of elimination teams will end up having to play matches in either of the two terrible arenas developed this expansion. How else are they going to show off how proud they are to have made cook point or moogabooga? Because lord knows not a single team is actually going to pick moogabooga because they want to.

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This closed on March 20th btw lol… hope to see it back in 8.2?