Tides of Vengeance Arrives December 11


I prefer this:

gets me every time. bad mood? I still crack up. especially when you think of how often you felt like this . Mornings. Seeing someone say something stupid… etc

(Emz) #91

Nothing meaningful comes out until January so not a whole lot


idc tbh. waiting for january.
did you delay the good stuff just so it comes in january for Q1? :slight_smile:

(Donalesh) #93

Be at work.


(Aehl) #94

Spoils of War edition of WC3 Remastered.

Ill look at it when I can find out if it is always online or not.


Some info that may help you out on the Mythic Cache and Titan Residuum.

(Deonto) #96

When can we expect patch notes/pvp changes that are coming in 8.1

(Cantz) #97

My guild starts its holiday raid break on the same date, so most likely not alot.

(Wallurian) #98

Where’s Zandalari Trolls and Kul’tirans?

(Shaftogar) #99

They’re out once the raid releases/shortly after.

(Gambacha) #100

well considering I’m on a high pop realm I’ll probably be stuck unable to log in for days.

(Wallurian) #101

So which is another month basically?

(Shaftogar) #102

Yeah, basically.

(Deistic) #103

I am really looking forward to the new warfront.

(Relictor) #104

My sub runs out Jan 4th. I have 0 will to play this game. Unfortunately my sub was recurring and just renewed itself a day ago when I was out of the house, so that mistake is 100% on me. Really wish I was unsubbed right now and not giving Blizzard my money.

I don’t believe they deserve it after coming out with the most atrocious expansion of all time, and 8.1 isn’t nearly enough to fix that.

(Asmo) #105

What happened to your avatar?

(Jerghaal) #106

Oh hey look at that, it only took 5 months to get here. Wonder why it took so long ? Oh never mind, their best are working on wow pokemon go for mobile.

(Andrin) #107

Probably still do what im doing now, just log in for raids


Nothing, because the real content doesn’t come out until January 22nd. Then the stuff I really want [Zandalari] doesn’t come out until waaay later. So, canceling my sub and playing ESO until then. Later suckers!

(Rosenivy) #109

-log in
-get heritage armor for sindorei
-NEVER take it off