Tides of Vengeance Arrives December 11


What are you going to do first?

(Illidonkey) #2

Trick question, the first thing you do is log in.

(Neall) #3

Nice! Battle of Dazar’alor Raid and Season 2 Opens on January 22nd! Looking forward to that!

(Rollo) #4

Log in to the game.

(Autai) #5

Here’s hoping you guys fixed the iconic Night Elf glaive, that your audience has been begging for years mind you *cough, and made it a one handed sword.


Or is patching first? Or opening the Battle.net app? :slight_smile:

(Argorwal) #7

Read all the forum whining until I can log on later at night after work/family stuff.

(Rockadee) #8

My daily transmutes.

(Illidonkey) #9

Now we are asking the real questions

(Fallynn) #10

Well, that’s easy. I’m going to go for my Blood Elf heritage armor, most likely (after logging in) <3.

Edit: On my hunter, she’s exalted with SMC.

(Feaora) #11

Opening my M+ Cache and then throwing the item right into the scrapper when it inevitably is not an upgrade.

(Greyhide) #12

It says you get the Meat Wagon if you pre-purchase WC3 Remastered. The purchase page shows it for the $39.99 edition. If you pre-purchase the $29.99 edition, do you still get the mount?

(Cyniel) #13

I leave my Battle dot net up and running 24/7… So it would be clicking ‘Play’
Edit: BTW I had to remove the period from ‘your’ post because I can’t post links… :confused:


We don’t even get a chance to breathe first?! :scream:

(Razorstorm) #15

Finish the Monster Hunter World main storyline.

(Joyeuse) #16

Gonna come complain about all of the High Elf retcons Blizzard decided to put in the Blood Elf heritage quest.

(Kalgromash) #17

WOOT REAL BFA release. Ima play fury warrior and dabble with shadow priest while I wait 8.2 for enhance changes. Definitely want flying by now and zandalari trolls:)

(Phoenixlight) #18

Use my time gatted mount from Warcraft purchase.


The mount comes with the Spoils of War edition of WC3 Remastered.

(Burgh) #20

Turn my computer on, obviously. I see what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to TRICK ME!