Thursday Night open raid night

Straw Hat Pirates is hosting an open raid night, Thursdays at 6 to 8pm server. Looking to go beyond LFR, get gear, mats, or just want to have some fun and hang with a cool bunch of people? Then join up! Must be horde on a US realm, 395 ilevel, and able to listen on Discord. Whisper anyone in SHP to get added to the calendar, or just reach out to someone at raid time. 30 person raid limit, so be on time.

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Sounds like a ton of fun! I probably wont be able to make it very often due to times but on weeks that i can i’ll hit you guys up and see if theres room.

Awesome sauce! I hope y’all do it to it.

You’re welcome whenever you can make it. Just do a /who Straw Hat Pirates and ask for an invite.