Thurs / Fri 10man LF DPS for Cata

Hello everyone,

We are part of > Peaked in Naxx < and have recently came to Mankrik from Ashkandi.

Some of us have decided to form a 10 man for Cataclysm as we prefer the smaller group size.
Please note if you did not already know, that you can NOT do 10 and 25 heroic, so we are choosing to main raid in 10 man.

Raid days - 7-10pm EST
Thursdays - Always
Fridays - As a 2nd day is needed

We are currently looking to round our group comp out with the following classes (2spots):

Mage - Fire
Warlock - Aff or Demo

Heroic raid experience will be required as we plan we fully clear each tier.

Look forward to playing on Mankrik and chatting with you