(Thunderlord) Just seeing if anyone I used to Vanilla with is also coming back? (HAKD guild)

Hi all,
Just seeing if any of my old (HAKD) guildies are also planning on walking down memory lane?

~Paolini - N.E. Hunter

Jupiter here, going to be playing on skeram alliance

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Healdoctor here, will be playing on Pagle PvE with a handful of other Thunderlord people…

Hey add me on battlenet, a bunch of us are coming back daed#1834

I would like to get together with old HAKD guildies too. What server are you all playing on. Cifie

Darkbunny and at least a few others from HAKD are rolling on Skeram. Ashnod up above will be with us. We switched servers from Herod to Skeram to avoid queues.

Paolini what up dude!!!

Hey My friends and I used to played on Thunderlord during Vanilla on the Horde side. We were part the High Warlord grind group. Not sure if you guys remember Dogblade and Fusion. About 10 of us are on Skeram as Alliance.

I didn’t keep checking on this thread because it had been so long, and here people are coming back!!! I started on a different server but I’ll find my way over to you guys, handle is TheMonarch#11183

we moved to heartseeker btw, added you to friends

Daiigo here.

Cerebas, wasn’t your dad a hunter or something?

Healdoc here, you guys still on Heartseeker? If so, anyone plan on coming back for TBC?

I know this thread is ancient, but if anyone is still watching it. Tam here… i was in HAKD since SWG. I played. Human Paladin - Tamaroff. I just came back and I’m trying get my old account back, but it’s not looking good. So I rerolled and I’m leveling up on Thunderlord if anyone is around.