<Thunderhoof Tribe> Serving Mulgore and Tauren Interests Abroad

Thunderhoof Tribe is a long-running Tauren exclusive guild originally formed in 2007 on The Venture Co. server as Thunderhoof Clan. When classic launched we rebooted as Thunderhoof Tribe on Deviate Delight. We moved to Grobbulus in November of 2021.

We have a long and honorable history serving our fellow Shu’Halo and helping develop and defend our lands. We live by our Code of Honor; all beings, even our enemies are treated with respect.

The Tribe is made up from many of the broken Tribes from the years of the Centaur Wars. As Cairne Bloodhoof has proven–we are stronger together.

If you are a Shu’Halo in search of a way to serve your people–seek us out.



Band together brothers and sisters!

Mulgore needs you!

Seek out any Thunderhoof to walk The Path.

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love this good luck

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Greetings friends! Thunderhoof Tribe has remained strong as more and more Shu’halo have sought refuge in our ranks! We are all stronger together! Currently in our 17th year and the Tribe continues to move forward. The assault on Icecrown lies before us and with the support of our Great Mother Bluesky, and Chieftain Stinjo Flyingbull, we shall not fail! For the Earth Mother, For the Horde! FOR THE HERD!


While Thunderhoof is still very active here on Grobb–we have founded an SoD chapter on Lava Lash.

The community there seems active and we have made several new friends. The challenge of building a support network and establishing a Tribe is one of my favorite parts of WoW.

If you are interested in trying out SoD with a friendly and helpful group of Tauren–come check us out on Lava Lash (RP)! And as always–Thunderhoof on Grobb will continue to be a part of the community here.