Throwing Down the Iron Gauntlet (Signups now open)

Friends, Romans, Countrymen… lend me your ears. Swords, shields, magic and whatever else, because Stonefield and Maclure has an event we are hosting for the month of September.

As some, many, or all of you may know we are an official Challenge Guild through wowchallenges(.)com. From September 1-30, we are hosting an IRON MAN CHALLENGE RUN.

The rules are available on the website, but a short version is simply:

  1. Join our guild (we have a special rank, see edit below)
  2. Level using only grey or white quality items.
  3. No dungeons or pvp
  4. Don’t die.

We have not yet worked out what we will be giving as a prize to the player/s who reach the highest, but our most recent challenger made it to 35.

It’s seriously a fun challenge, and we encourage all of you to check out the rules and give it a try even if you don’t make it. With the popularity of WoW Classic, it’s a good chance to put some lessons from the older game into surviving the new.

We’re looking forward to having you!

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Edit: We are now taking registrations! Please email
stonefieldandmaclure@gmail . com with “Ironman” as the subject and your character name as the body of the email. We will get back to you ASAP and get you in the guild. All tracking will be done internally until you reach level 10 when we can register you via the WoWChallenges website.

YES we are allowing Allied Races, Pandaren, Death Knights and Demon Hunters. But you have to meet all of the pre-established rules on the challenge website.


I am interested in the Ironman challenge. Since I just saw this today, do I still have to email you for entry? Also which website has the rules? A link would be appreciated.

My NE hunter is Jazmarei. May I add you to friends list for guild invite?

I can’t link the website but if you google WoW Challenges, you will be able to find the full list of rules. As for adding me, go ahead! As long as we get you in and can track you, yous hould be okay.

WOW, those rules are seriously harsh! No talents? Also the white and grey armor is pretty weak. I would think crafted armor would be alright. But I have made it to 15 already with just white quest rewards.

No professions? Good grief. Pet battles either? (sigh)

Guess I will just go back to normal leveling and be social anyway.

I am on Jazmarei now if you can invite me I appreciate it.

It’s harsh, but that’s the nature of the challenge. Believe it or not, I think its pretty cathartic to do it. But I’m weird. ;D