Throttling causing artificial lag and queues

“we believe the time has come to end the concept of a mega-realm.”

puts on tinfoil hat

Activision is trying to splinter mega-realms by throttling servers and player capacity to create artificial lag and queues. The purpose is to frustrate their players into transferring off mega-realms to protect their transfer revenue. If a handful of mega-realms were all that remained then players could safely settle down once and for all. If Activision succeeds in fragmenting mega-realms then the cycle of servers rising and falling and players transferring will continue.

they could just announce a server-splitting event and force-transfer half of the dominant faction off if they wanted.

mega-servers like Illidan and Mal’Ganis have existed since the days of ElitistJerks.

Sure, but at the same time, they also stated…

Which means from beta…

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