Three New Realms Now Open -- 8:20 p.m. PDT August 26

The servers are coming up now.

Guys the new realms are ready! lets go

At this rate, there will be double the number of servers after the first day then they had at the launch…

I’ll agree… but it’s a PVE server. My friends would chop off my balls if I rolled a pve server unfortunately.

LOL i think you really don’t understand the real issue here… they KNEW how anticipated this game was, ignored it… they knew once they launched the forums how popular this version of the game was… they ignored it… they KNEW once they unlocked the character creation/name reservation function how MASSIVELY populated the game would be at launch… they CLEARLY ignored that.

And keep in mind that this is exactly the hubris that killed the original wow launch in 2004… 3 or 4 hour queues, crashes, resets, et al… it was a mess… and this launch was comparatively worse SPECIFICALLY because the fact that they had 15 YEARS to get it right the second time… the STILL screwed the pooch! How do you mess up something that you had clear indication would be HEAVILY traffic’d on launch day? These developers either willfully ignored obvious signs or they are inept… either way, they clearly do not understand what it takes to run their own servers.

I’ve updated the OP to reflect that these realms are now open.

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I get automatically DC’d when making a character on Deviate Delight

Can you crash Grobulus again to let the ones back in that were there first?

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you crashed the realms as you put the new ones up

Filthy hobbits playing Trixies .

Hey, Blizz is the one that said they could just “spin up” new servers.


I have been in que for over 5 hours now. Blizz you should be embarrassed.


Please open an new PVE realm called “Of the Whale.”

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Auto disconnecting now. ):

This was happening to me, i then made a throwaway one on the PVE server, then came back and i was able to make more on DD.


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same here been in que since 10am when severs went up for me and its 325pm now and still at 1300 people and its not moving at all

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A bunch of streamers just got DC’d so get ready wait even longer now boys and girls. Blizz needs to make sure they get them back in the game. So you will all be on the back burner now.

Ditto this hooray! Yay more RPPVP!!

i avoided the queues just fine and then you disconnected me from my realm for no reason.


sulfuras is horde or ally server?