[Thrall] <Tenebris> is recruiting!

Tenebris [Thrall] is looking for some awesome people to fill out a small raid team for 10.1.

ABOUT US: We are a very small tight group of friends who have played WoW and other games together for years. In the past, we raided with other guilds and pushed to get AoTC. This time we decided to do it differently because burnout is real and take a casual approach to raiding. We like to joke around, have fun, and not take things too seriously, but we also like to clear content.

OUR RAID PLAN: We want to raid once, maybe twice a week. Our raid night is Saturday at 8:30pm EST with Thursday being a maybe day (if members are on and willing to raid). We understand that you may have family, or work, or just don’t feel like playing the game on a raid night. We all go through it, and that is okay. We won’t be mad or hold it against you. We need dps (would love a priest of some kind) and an off-tank, but all are welcome to join!

Not interested in raiding but still need a place to call home? We would still love to have you! We run mythic+ all the time. We even PvP a little as a group.

If you think you are a good fit for us or have questions (I’m sure I missed something) feel free to contact me.
Raevna or Raelitha in-game on Thrall
Raevenous#11288 on battle.net
Raevenous#0287 on discord

P.S: With cross-faction guilds coming in 10.1, we don’t care if you play horde or alliance :slight_smile: