Thoughts on WoW Token in Wrath Classic

Don’t pretend people aren’t already buying golds from shady website. Wrath is already in shamble with gold exchanges. At least with this you have secured method to buy it.


So much this. Lol.

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The underlying problem is and always has been the underlying printing of money everytime someone kills a mob or completes a quest.

A regular player just going through dailies for a hour or doing a raid might make a modest 200g per hour, but a bot going 24/7 and vendoring everything, not even worried about botting herbs and selling them on AH is injecting 200gph x 24 x 7 (33,600g) per week into the economy and doesnt give a hoot about gold sinks.

Thats 3 wow tokens at last nights price, so thats 3 more bots up and running per week paying their subs with wowtokens.

Solution… mobs stop dropping items/raw gold after 4 hours/24hr period or at some capped raw gold value. NPC vendors stop buying your greys/greens, when you hut the limit. Put in some dimisnishing returns on grinding, and kill botting.

Wouldn’t affect anyone doing dailies, raiding, etc. but it would kill any bot paying a monthly sub if they can only farm 2hr or 4 hours per day on an account. Anything that revolves around AH sales should be ez mode to track down and eliminate… farmed/mailed/ah’ed 10000 herbs in 24hrs… find the account that was online 24hrs straight and hit it with the ban hammer!


This honestly feels like a slap in the face to all of us that have been here from the beginning, in those many interviews where you adamantly exclaimed we will never implement tokens to classic. You say this is for our own good and that there are no other options to combat bots, How about hiring GMs that are actively in the game and not just remote such as in the past to help combat farmers and gold sellers, how about removing gold and going to soulbound/accountbound currency acquired by doing actions in game, how about going after these websites legally that I consistently report on in the group finder yet still show up week after week. How about actually telling the truth that these actions are to raise the companies bottom dollar. Every step that blizzard seems to take seems like another nail in the coffin for the Wow players and with all the other options out there to play the company seems bent on removing their active player base.


Majority of people put you on blast, but because it’s going to be a hit to your financial status, nah- we ain’t rolling nothing back.
And then you try to say it is a tool to combat bots, when it’s not.
It’s a tool to help you get more funds.
Stop lying to the player base.
The real player base never wanted such money grabs, but in typical Blizzard fashion, you ignored them, and when called out on it you say “we had no other choice.”
You had a choice, you made the wrong one.
I do consider this poetic, you guys killed this game for me in WotLK back in the day, and have done it again now.


I don’t play classic - but this does speak to the increasing rapaciousness of ABK.

If anyone can answer me this - how exactly does this do anything to curb the problems caused by gold farms OTHER THAN put the money into blizzards pocket instead?

Very convenient that one of the solutions also greatly monetarily benefits you.

What happened here is that ABK exec told blizzard that wrath classic needed to make more money other than from the shared sub - Ybarra acting as the mouthpiece told the team they needed to do that… and are now forcing the developers to act like this was their choice. Its gross and I feel bad Kaivax and the rest of the team for having to do this.


I’m not sure why this was included. Accidental shareholder meeting point? Just seems like you are admitting to putting it in because money could be made and you want a piece of the cake.


that was a lot of words and while the bot fight sounds awful, other parts just read like we want a cut of the illicit RMT money


I like Tokens, but what I would like more is Hasted Shadow Word: Pain. Talk about a good time. Alright thanks blizz let’s chat again soon.

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This is the true takeaway :praygeblessed:


Not putting RDF in at the same time seems like it is money grabby and we are using bots as the excuse. I personally dont care about the token being added. I’d just wish we would add things that were actually in WOTLK before we add things that were not.


Classic in it’s entirety is a jarring experience. Spellcasters having to drink every 2 mobs is the perfect example. Adding WoWtoken doesn’t address that in the slightest, it’s just your excuse that no one is buying.


This is some professional politician speech. Nothing of it matters as it dodge the core issues.
Rmt is bad that you decide to legalize it by providing the service yourself or not.
And yes players should be at risk if they participate in those kind of unlawful activities. They only have to blame themselves.
This is waving the white flag on a core principle.
We all get it there’s no need for double speech you wanted to make more money.


It sucks.

Try reading your thread:

This thread was only created and pinned to split the fire into two places, to minimize the huge wild fire that is the original thread.

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Take back gold from buyers when sellers are banned

You have logs you know, all sellers take gold and move it from one account to another, til it gets to a buyer, that spends it on vendor/ah/gdkp. They will stop buying if it gets taken away + 7 day suspend or something for good measure.


Let’s just say this is a truthful statement, even though we all know it isn’t when we’ve seen the same jumbled lettered players in bgs for months straight, BUT IF IT IS TRUTHFUL nobody would believe this isn’t an underhanded scheme to milk players for more money. You don’t care about the community, it shows with several things you’ve done over the entire duration of Classic from Vanilla-Wrath. You do not care about the community, you only care to milk us longer and give you more money for subpar quality. It’s like how you forced M+ affixes into Wrath, nobody asked for this or wanted it. But we have to put up with it because you don’t listen to the players. So I don’t believe for a second that this isn’t about milking the community further.



You could have just said you wanted to milk the other half of the player base outside of retail and saved a lot of time.


tldr: Instead of combating illegal activities… it’s now legal! Swipe away!
You have no integrity Blizzard. -$15


Since there is token now, can you remove the dungeon boosting limitation?