Thoughts On Increasing The Character Specific Macros

As I’ve been playing the game over the years, I’ve taken a liking to trying out and playing multiple specs of many classes. I am also a macro junkie that likes to make macros for just about all of my abilities as melee/ranged dps and healing/tanking.

Here are some examples:
I use @mouseover macros to taunt, interrupt, cast ranged dps/melee dps spells & abilities, debuffs, decurses, and heal friendlies. Macros for PVP Talents/trinket/Combos, focus targets, and to use trinkets with CDs. I use @cursor for leaps/Rogue Hook/AOE/mass dispel/Water Elemental Freeze/etc, @player for personal Power Word:Shield/Angelic Feather/etc. I have them for DBM Pull Timers and cancel timer, Toy Combos, Emotes, Built in Cancel Auras (bladestorm/dispersion/glider/levitate/slowfall/annoying easter bunny costume placed on you by your “friends”), Boss macros like canceling HOTS and buffs for mythic Raden, TomTom map coordinates for POIs like rares and vendors, Vendor purchase scripts, combo disenchant/enchant vellums, Equip fishing pole and fish, Quality of life macros like leaving a vehicle, my personal favorite of using a snare spell or item like a net on a flying alliance player followed by a netomatic shot :D, all in one talent row macros like Halo/Divine Star, Divine Steed+Invisibilty potion, the classic bubble hearth macro, and target+focus named mobs to find them easier in the world to name a few.

So my point is that the macro tabs need some long needed love and I don’t know why this hasn’t been implemented expansion after expansion… Believe me I’ve asked them to do something in every beta I’ve been in.

I currently have most of my Character Specific Macros filled up by one spec of the toons I play. I play at least two specs on all of them, so the over flow gets mixed in with the General Macros. If I play all the specs like I have on my paladin, I’m forced to put quite a large amount of macros into the General Macros tab. I think I would probably fill up everything and have run out of room for anything else if I played all specs of my Druid.
You can imagine how frustrating it is to find a Paladin macro to edit while its swimming in a sea of druid, priest, mage, warrior, demon Hunter, shaman, and actual General Macros…

I was frustrated messing with macros in BFA, even with all the pruning that happened. I can see that macro management is going to be a huge problem for me now that I’m messing around in the Shadowlands beta.

More spells, more abilities, more talents, more toys = Nightmare for macro junkies.

I cannot be the only macro-holic in WoW. I’ve seen forum posts here and there over the past decade and a half about this topic since Vanilla.

I cannot imagine that it takes that many resources on Blizzard’s end to increase the amount of Character Specific Macros on their end. Give me 20 rows of Class Specific Macros in addition to the 20 Rows of General Macros and I’d be overwhelingly satisfied. This is probably a simple code hot fix they could do in no time with the current system.

Something amazing, that would probably take quite some time to do, would be to also completely redo the macros window. Allow it to search and categorizing macros according to class/spec/general and be able to pull code from macros on other characters that you have.

For right now though, just give us 20 rows of General Macros AND Class Specific Macros please.

Thanks :smiley:


I’ve been pushing for increased character specific macro slots for the past 2 expacs along with additional pvp/warmode and pvp talent conditions.

That said, with my heavy use of modifier macros, I’m able to condense my character specific macros for all specs into the available slots.

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I don’t play holy this tier and filled all but two slots on the character specific page with shadow/disc stuff. Add holy and I’d need a feather, sanctify, serenity, chastise, Divine hymn, and guardian spirit. I could do stuff like combine VE, Barrier, and Divine hymn into one macro. I do use some ALT+ modifiers to try to keep things tidy, but I’m not a macro god or anything and the coding starts to confuse me if it gets more involved than that. Combining macros that do different things across all specs just to save space sounds like more of a nightmare than trying to find them to edit than what I’m doing right now.
I have a feeling that I’m going to have to figure something out like that with Shadowlands. I just want a clean and organized set of macros to work with and not a macro that does 2 different spells with an ALT modifier for three different specs ya know?
Do you have a druid? I’d like to see someone combine Guardian, Feral, Moonkin, and Resto spells, abilities, and Talents into 18 well categorized Macros. :smiley:

Druid is actually one of the easier ones to do because of their forms. This thread is a bit out of date but it covers all classes/specs Macros: Condensing Your Physical Keys

Those are amazing macros! I have a couple with mods built into mine, but mostly I have them key binded with single macros dropped in.
If Blizzard doesn’t help me out, this link will probably save me a lot of headache. Thanks!

p.s. Although this link is a great solution, I still want Blizzard to expand the slots and rework the macro window. Its outdated and could just be better. ;-;

This is my SL wishlist.