Thoughts on FF7 remake for ps4

Played the demo last night and it was interesting. I think I almost like the classic attacking more though

I agree 100%. I love turn-based RPGs and I wish they had an option for the original battle system and this thing they’re doing now. The sort-of classic system is ok but I wish it was better. That aside, I’m looking forward to playing the full release.

I had a similar situation when they remade FFX. I remember the game on PS2 and it was an all timer…

the remake was good, but I just couldn’t capture the magic from the original…

I’m more interested in the Trials of Mana remake :+1:, I read comments from other people who say they like the look of it better than the FF7 Remake too.

I’ll buy it if it’s ported to the Switch. I can’t afford to buy all the different consoles.

There is no way the hardware on the switch would be able to support it so you’re most likely SOL.

The demo was pretty sweet. I pre ordered the deluxe edition but with all of the mess going on right now in the world who knows when I’ll actually get it.

I actually had to be reminded that the full story/experience of FF7 is taking place over multiple games and that is actually only a “Part I” technically. Square Enix has said they’re expanding the content into full-fledged,individual games and I trust them, I just wonder if everyone is as educated on this fact.

Seems kinda scummy though to market this initial game as “FF7 Remake” without any kind of descriptor.

The fact that they actually named it FF7 Remake is so dumb, the name is just bad.

They got classic battle system option. You chose which one you play it when beginning a new game.

i have a few things with it already im not very fond of, i wish they wouldnt have tried to make the music “better” and the fact that i HATE Aerith, not the character, but just Aerith it sounds like sylvester the cat trying to say her “non cannon” name Aeris while hes on a rant because she made him spit out the bird.

i honestly cant wait till she dies in this version so i don’t have to hear her name as often

Spoilers from the ending show that the name is no accident…

Are you using English or Japanese audio?

If she dies in the Remake(Reboot is more like it according to Spoilers) at any point that is… The game is segmented so we are only getting the first part.

ah well, they are selling this in parts to fund the second part then the third etc. at least thats my guess. they need to know those $ will roll in with each additional $60-$120 purchase price en mass

I’m laughing at all the Xbox owners again.

waiting for it to come to pc eventually

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Looks good as modern Squnenix games go, heard good things about it.

Here’s to hoping for the PC, Switch and Xbox release so more people can experience the remake of Final Fantasy 7.