Thoughts on 10.2 monk set?

So i wanna know what everyone else thinks about WW 10.2 tier set
"(2) Set Bonus: Melee attacks have a chance to make your next Spinning Crane Kick free. Free Spinning Crane Kicks grant Ebontoes, increasing the damage of your next Blackout Kick by 100%.

(4) Set Bonus: Ebontoes empowered Blackout Kicks reduce the cooldown of Fists of Fury, Rising Sun Kick, Strike of the Windlord and Whirling Dragon Punch by 1 second."

so i just did a couple of m+ on the ptr with the new set i didnt use a new build or anything just the same old talents i use for m+ and tbh the new effect of the tier feels empty, like there’s nothing new, not a new flavor, not a single change, only thing i notice is that we have a lot more haste, new effect weapon (polearm) has haste, chest piece has haste, i was using sark’s cape and nelth’s trinket which both have haste, and i was at 15%+ haste.

The gameplay is just the same, do your rotation and well BoK now gives yo 1 more sec of cd on your other abilities, imo it feels like they just dont care at all and didn’t want to use brain power to give us something else and fun to play with

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It is unbelievably bad to the point you likely wouldn’t even equip the mythic version.

Conceptually, proccing more CDR as well as free SCK’s means you are getting stuffed with globals. For serenity you just dont even have the time and the tier effectively does nothing during serneity. For SEF you just run out of resources

Needs a full rework


A lot of concerns regarding why more RNG, what the added CDR might mean, and proc overlaps.


I hate to become that mad person I always do when I look at our tier or our talents but yet again Blizz is not listening to WW monks and proving they have no clue on how WW actually plays in game. I won’t go rage mode just yet.

But wow seriously again Blizz… really… Just pay any original monk player to sit in these meetings and tell your dev teams about monk, let us show you how most of your current development ideas have been trash for WW. We don’t proc off auto-attacks, we don’t use haste, we don’t have free globals in late game. So stop giving us this stuff. And we don’t want more pets/statues/clones!


While I do think the design is very poor and tone deaf, I also do not think most players have any idea what they’re talking about. The recent Wowhead article discussing the tier set had many suggestions that were downright bad.

First off, we have to consider what blizzard wants to do with the new tier set.

They want damage moved into less prioritized abilities like Blackout Kick and Spinning Crane Kick after a tier of focusng almost exclusively on RSK and FoF. Also a benefit by reducing PvP burst profile.

The 4pc is intended to provide gameplay changes via WDP/SotWL CD, again not providing burst, but creating a more spread damage profile.

The issues of course being that Windwalker does not have the globals to fit in a bunch of SCK’s with Serenity, and with SEF you simply run out of resources with the extra CDR. The spec is also almost entirely played around Keefers windows in raids, so any CDR on SotWL can be totally irrelevant. WDP is also not really worth pressing, and even if it was, it’s harder to press it when RSK and FOF are coming off CD rapidly faster.

Additionally, non buffed SCK’s do irrelevant damage in single target, and BoK does not do enough damage for 100% boost to be meaningful.

Some ways to fit a similar theme:

Make the free SCK proc an automatic RJW proc - this solves the DoCJ/proc ambiguity and doesn’t require a global. Drastically up the proc rate so RJW uptimes is rather meaningful.

Remove the blackout kick damage boost - it’s hard to make this intuitive with Teaching of the Monastery. If it works with that talent, it requires rather obnoxious gameplay combined with Keefers, and the output change would be substantial. If it doesn’t work, players will expect it to, as they do currently.

4pc: Make RJW ticks accelerate cooldowns. Ideally Strike gets to around a 27-30s CD, otherwise its hard to work around with Keefer’s. Any incremental FoF/RSK CD reduction would be smoother and less rng than the current iteration. It also accomplishes similar goals of not leaning into burst further. The tier would likely need slightly more numbers to be compelling, so adding in a “your next SCK or RSK does 1% increased dmg per RJW tick” or something as a tuning knob would help and encourage RJW the real talent to perhaps actually be taken.

The spec would likely need aura buffs to FoF or RSK and especially BoK for single target in the next raid, as the spec is currently carried by better usage of external power such as beacon and the class trinket being very very good.

A slight talent rework would also be beneficial, but cest la vie