Thought on Gnome Paldins

The team’s aspiration is to cultivate a cohesive class fantasy, yet they attempt to integrate elements that deviate from the established thematic framework. As an illustration, consider the following :

Gnomes in World of Warcraft are traditionally depicted as intellectually-driven inventors and engineers, with a penchant for innovation and technology. This characteristic identity contrasts sharply with the established archetype of Paladins in the game, who are typically portrayed as devout, righteous champions wielding the powers of the Light in the service of justice and virtue.

Firstly, Gnomes lack the cultural or historical foundation typically associated with the Paladin class. Unlike races such as Humans or Dwarves, who have long-standing traditions of faith and knighthood, Gnomes have historically been portrayed as more secular and focused on scientific pursuits.

Furthermore, the Paladin class in WoW draws its power from a strong connection to the Light, a divine force that imbues its wielders with holy abilities. This connection is often depicted as deeply spiritual and requires a strong sense of faith and conviction. Given Gnomes’ emphasis on reason and logic over spirituality, it would be difficult to reconcile their character motivations with the faith-based nature of the Paladin class.

Additionally, the Paladin class in WoW often emphasizes physical strength and martial prowess alongside spiritual devotion. While Gnomes are certainly capable fighters, their strengths lie more in their intellect and ingenuity rather than in traditional melee combat. This further undermines the suitability of Gnomes as Paladins within the game’s lore and mechanics.

In summary, the thematic and cultural characteristics of Gnomes in World of Warcraft are not well-aligned with the core principles and requirements of the Paladin class. Their focus on science and technology, combined with their lack of established religious or martial traditions, make them an unlikely fit for the Paladin archetype within the game’s narrative framework.

While I do not believe they make a good fit for light based paladins, they could make them work as Paladins of the Void. It would require them to make some visual changes but it would be fully cosmetic.

Not every single Gnome has to be a stereotyped mad scientist. Not every Blood Elf is a mage, o r warlock. Nor every Human dresses up in Stormwind armor.

Any living being can be touched by the Light just as they can by Shadow. Gnome Warlocks ARE a thing, Gnome Priests ARE a thing. Gnome Warriors are a thing. With all that… Paladins aren’t really a stretch.

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I did not say impossible I said unlikely. As they are currently stand they have not as a race reached that point.

Blizzard says they want to build class story , but then shoe horn in the races that do not fit in and have not been built to fit into the classess.
Gnome are not fit with the light even most of the NPC Gnome preista re not really priest .