Those who WON'T be maining Evoker: Thoughts on the Soar change?

It really does depend how much work it requires, they could just cheat around it to make it fit old mounts by making it not require specific animations from old mounts. Might look awkward but better than not having a system if people like it.

Honestly, I don’t think it needs to make it out of Dragonflight.

Not only will a lot of mounts look very awkward with Dragonriding movements (Gyrocopters literally don’t move like that), but the execution required is going to be a hassle. Not everyone is going to want to level the feature and not everyone wants to ride a dragon.

I think it’s a cute addition to the expansion, but it really doesn’t belong outside of that, and the Soar change reflects that ideology. Ideally, it would be brought down to standardized Flying outside of Dragonflight, but who knows.

Or, you know, just carrying dragon riding mounts forward and designing new mounts to take advantage as well.

It’s mostly if people will like it or not. The level things will probably get rid off after the expansion if they keep it, or in a Blizzard fashion they’ll make us have to learn those agains xd

Definitly, it’s just a matter of keeping old mounts relevant too. As I think the uproar would be kinda high if you could just not use old mounts.

Just do as they’re doing now. Make old flying available, too.

I think the novelty will wear off after a while. Yeah, you’ll have the diehards going ‘this is the future of Flight!’ but most people, again, just want to get from Point A to Point B in a relatively timely and simple matter.

Leaving Dragonriding in Dragonflight allows people to have their ‘sick air shows’ without having to completely reinvent the wheel with Flight in general, and also neatly avoids the need to rework every single flying mount to ensure Dragonriding compatibility, animations, and capabilities.

This would be a waste of time. We have the current Flight system that works perfectly fine and isn’t gimmicky. Leave Dragonriding in Dragonflight.

They could literally leave the system as it is. Let’s put the trash, dated systems in the past.

Travel shouldn’t be a skill check anymore than riding a ground mount or walking down a path. All this does is add frustration and needless busywork.

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Flightpaths are for you. :smiley:

And Dragonriding is for Dragonflight.

Simple enough.

God forbid they make other elements of the game engaging at all.


See, you just proved you don’t understand how Soar or Dragonriding work.

You can’t make it go normal speed because you wouldn’t have enough time to gain momentum and you’d just slowly fall after 10 seconds.

Soar :clap:t3: is :clap:t3: not :clap:t3: flying :clap:t3:


Again, travel should not need a skill check. AFKing is not a bad thing. Idling is not a bad thing. Not everything has to be ‘engage or DIE’.

My god, sometimes I wonder if people want movement to be like QWOP.

I like to play video games when I play video games.

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Video games often have ‘Pause’ screens. Sometimes something demands your attention elsewhere for a bit before you return to it.

Constant vigilance is exhausting, and it’s not something I want to introduce into basic travel functions.

It’s called logging out.

You’re gonna log for something that takes less than a minute to resolve but needs to be done RIGHT NOW? It’ll take longer than THAT just to log back in.

Sounds like the issue isn’t all that pressing, then.

Are you joking? You can’t imagine anything incident that might happen in RL that would require a small pause in game attention? Spilled drink? Delivery? Dog barking? Anything like that?

Like, if someone stands still for more than 5 seconds with no input, what, a death countdown starts?

If it’s that quick, it isn’t going to affect your gameplay one way or the other.