[Thornseeker Tribe] Taking back the Kraul! Quilboar guild and Discord!

The story so far…

The Thornseekers are a small tribe of Quilboar, outcast from their former homes. After Deathwing split the Barrens in two, the quilboar suffered massive losses. Not only was Amnennar Coldbringer once again raised by the Death’s Head cult of quilboar, but the Alliance settled into small pockets of the Southern Barrens, some not too far from the Kraul. In addition to this, the threat of Mankrik was still ever-present.

After the Cataclysm, Baine Bloodhoof and Hamuul Runetotem reached a peace agreement with the quilboar. Since then, they have remained neutral.
NOTE: [Baine Bloodhoof: As Our Fathers Before Us]

However, with the Alliance close to their sacred ground, the Scourge inside the Kraul and Mankrik slaughtering their people in the Southern Barrens, they had no choice but to flee to Mulgore and seek refuge. The remnants of the Razorfen, along with the remaining members of the Bristleback and other quilboar clans, fled to Brambleblade Ravine in Mulgore.

The years have passed and the scattered quilboar have lived peacefully amongst the Tauren of Mulgore. The time has come to retake the Kraul.

Kraulspine, the defacto leader of the Thornseeker Tribe, sent trackers into the Barrens to scout the Kraul. Unfortunately, they turned up missing. After an expedition led by Kraulspine himself, it was found that the trackers were discovered and massacred: they were eaten, but not in a predatory way. Initially, Kraulspine blamed the Saberon - a tribe of massive cat-beings that had recently migrated to the Wailing Caverns from the Mag’har’s Draenor. But with the discovery of his tracker’s bodies, he fears for the worst. He now believes that the Scourge from Razorfen Downs may be escaping into the greater wilds of Kalimdor. Gathering his forces, along with the local harpies of the Solarscreech Coven, as well as scattered Grimtotem Tauren, they plan to retake the Razorfen Kraul complex in the name of the Thornseekers!

I’m Kraulspine! You may have seen me around the Tail on WRA in my Quilboar form. The Thornseeker Tribe is a guild and community of quilboar, harpies and Shu’halo RPers who operate as mercenaries and Horde-aligned allies in Kalimdor. Though we mostly focus on boars, birds and bulls, we are absolutely open to outside races aiding our fight against the unknown forces inside the Kraul! Gnolls, ogres, anything. We’re welcoming boars, eager to set aside past prejudices by our people and prove ourselves for the greater good. There’s a full D20 campaign planned with a storyline that aligns with the Scourge invasion of the Shadowlands prepatch that will be played out before Shadowlands launches.

Send in-game mail to Kraulspine, or join the Discord: https://discord.gg/pVp2G7A

Lookin’ forward to rootin’ around with y’all. Agamaggan be wit’ ya!


Interesting idea! I always thought it would be fun to RP a quilboar. I would never ally myself with harpies though, yuck.

Best of luck on the new guild! I like the sound of the campaign so far.


They’re not that bad! I swear! XD

Agamaggan would be proud. Take that Kraul back pigboiz.

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