Thorns in PvP

Is it just me or does Thorns kinda suck now? I’ll pop thorns and melee will beat into it and be just fine. It doesn’t feel like a scary deterrent anymore, and barely a noticable damage

It was nerfed to proc once a second at most, because demon hunter players screamed bloody murder at instantly hitting themselves for half their health bar when they tried to wombo combo someone who had thorns with a bunch of melee attacks at once (the spinning warglaives explosion thing + blade dance).

Can’t have such a precious class being a victim of that, can we? /s

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One more reason to hate Demon Hunters. I’ll add it to the list…

Think it was also rogues, they would constantly kill themselves trying to stunlock combo someone with it.

Wait wut it got nerfed?! Wtf… As if rogues needed less of a deterrent.

Thorns still does a ton though. I had crits near 3k last night in skirms. Try timing it during solar eclipse :slight_smile:

According to the release notes from 01Dec2020:

Fixed an issue where Thorns (PvP Talent) was not dealing damage to attackers after being melee attacked.

Latest Patch Notes (scroll down to Dec 1):
Hotfixes – Updated December 4 - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (

My thorns did 52k damage to a rogue and pally in a random bg, rogue died nearly instantly and pally went to like 30% health.

I had berserk and ravenous frenzy up + survival instincts when the pally stunned me and they both proceeded to hit into it. So really it still does good damage but you have to live long enough to see it haha.

Why doesn’t Guardian get access to thorns? :frowning: