This Week's Brawl -- Updated

We encountered an unexpected issue with the Southshore vss Tarren Mill brawl, and we’re working on replacing it.

Once the hotfix goes into effect, this week’s brawl will be Arathi Blizzard.

Southshore vss Tarren Mill will return the week of May 11, taking Arathi Blizzard’s place in the rotation.


Yay you! I hope you also do more comp stomps, those are cute :smiley:


Yes I was looking for comp stomps but haven’t seen them lately. The last one I would have managed to run a few characters through but that had to be the day they decided to connect my server so I didn’t get a chance before they pulled it. I actually haven’t seen another one since.


Ive been waiting forever to Comp Stomp as well, it too got mysteriously removed for “issues” and has never returned


Oh no, anyway.

Please fix the townspeople as well as the talent bug before it returns. Guards shouldn’t be 29 levels below players and hit for 200 damage. They should be a deterrent.

I’m sure Comp Stomp will appreciate the company in the Closet of Forgotten Game Modes.

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How does the townspeople level change the outcome of this brawl? Every game I’ve been in if you’re getting beaten down to TM or SS it’s a loss.

Noooo. I enjoyed the chaos of this BG

Oh well.

There was an issue where they deemed it too easy to farm a late game currency, exceptionally late in BFA…you know, when it didn’t matter at all. So, they tabled it indefinitely. Cause, well…if you can’t fix a ‘problem’, trash it.

Seriously? I know those of us who love the bigger bgs aren’t a huge group, but those of us who do like those really look forward to SS/TM finally coming up. Now after waiting months for it to finally be up again, we have to wait ANOTHER 2 months? Just re-insert SS/TM as the brawl as soon as it’s fixed, and move everything else back 1 week from there.