This Week in WoW: October 2, 2023

This Week in WoW: October 2, 2023

Each week we’ll look ahead to what’s in store for World of Warcraft, share the latest news, and keep you in the know byte by byte. Take to the skies once more during the Eastern Kingdoms Cup!

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Will you be announcing the end of season 2 date this week?

Isn’t Mop TW’s supposed to be up next?

Actually tomorrow begins BC timewalk according to the calendar.

I don’t want to have to wait until tomorrow to see what new thing is in the shop.

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Which makes zero sense it should be MoP

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Definitely should going in order. Crazy thing is it closes on Wrath with Legion next followed by MoP.

That looks like a great picture of the new 12-month mount!

New in-game event tomorrow? Did we know about this?

Yeah we’re going to be celebrating the 12-month mounts!

Not me. It seems my sub’s pre-paid too far in advance. I don’t get the mounts.

It says “Promotion” its probably another twitch drop. Ill just have to leave another random streamer up for 4 hours on my laptop while I game on my desktop lol

We’re just about at the 12-month mark for 12-month subs :wink:

Even better than a twitch drop. Been on the 12 month plan for over 15 years I think. Since its been available. (Its always been the cheapest Option). Means I literally do nothing and get a free mount and pet. Works for me :woman_shrugging:

Im weird. I laterally haven’t been unsubbed since 2005. Yeah there are times where I dont play for 2-3 weeks or so here and there but I still remained subbed so I could play if I wanted.

People make this out to be a big deal buts its really not. I mean most people were going to be subbed anyway right? So you are getting something for free for doing something you do already. Plus like I said the yearly option saves me a few bucks and month and I dont have to worry about a monthly payment coming out. Its prepaid for 12mo

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Yesssss! I’ve been binging on the races again to complete the challenge versions now I’ll have a whole new set of races again. Going fast is the best thing about DF for me!

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Servers are up and there isn’t anything new yet…so maybe Blizz didn’t even know about it, lol.

So anyone know what the new promotion is? I don’t see it anywhere.


I wonder if the ingame event just means the ongoing timewalking event?

Nope, listed right above it.

Nah, that’s the Turbulent Timeways, and it is already on the list.

No new event and no new promotion (yet)…The blues news is full of lies!


The event is Tuskar Soup, M+ edition.

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