This Week in WoW: May 3

This Week in WoW: May 3

Catch up on all the latest World of Warcraft news from the last week—embrace the spirit of spring with May's Trading Post, take a dive into Norhrend Cup, mark your calendars for the next content update for Dragonflight—Dark Heart, learn more about the Cataclysm Classic Pre-Expansion, and more!

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Survival Hunter’s Season 4 set is a 10-15% DPS loss in M+, when will this be fixed?

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Be glad you aren’t a fury warrior, must suck to be them. lol

I love how the picture used to show off the butterfly wings immediately shifts my focus to the Amirdrassil mage boots. Man, those were some really good boots.

Fury isn’t nearly as bad as SV or Boomy. Right now at ilevel 528, our new set is 15% behind 483 season 4 right now. We have to lose 10 equiped ilevel (39*4/16) or our dps will be hovering around the tank. But then we lose 300-400k hp. In ST it’s barely a dps increase and it’s due to pure stats.

I got a race change saved. When Dracthyr?

Draenei players asked you to fix the horn clipping on the heritage helmet.

So… you thought having it amputate them instead was the fix?

Having the heritage armor remove a defining body feature of your race and character is the antithesis of an armor set just for your character’s race.