This Week in WoW: March 25, 2024

This Week in WoW: March 25, 2024

Each week we’ll look ahead to what’s in store for World of Warcraft, share the latest news, and keep you in the know byte by byte. Get ready to explore the Sunken Temple and more when Season of Discovery Phase 3 goes live!

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Oh, yeah! I’m looking forward to this!

One week notice for Phase 3!? That’s crazyyy. Buckle up friends


well, I was truly hoping for a 10 player AND a 20 player seeing as we have built our guilds around 10 player, 20 player will be fun, but now we just forget about 10 man for 2 months? I hate to be a bummer, but this is a missed opportunity… Sunken Temple would have been a great 10 player, Maraudon would have made a Fantastic 20 player…

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3rd week of pointing out no communication about arena, or S4 pvp for retail.

CLIMBING FEELS LIKE A BRICK WALL, please AT LEAST SAY that’s the plan so we can quit already.


I’d love to get some communication and feedback responses on hero talent trees, and wee the last of them released sometime soon.


1 week and a half notice for P3 is kinda not enough but what ever.

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thanks !!! I real need this news!!!
p2 have long time…
I finish p2 at march1

How about like a 2-3 week warning before P3 launch. How hard is it to communicate? 2 weeks minimum should be the standard for any changes.


Little disappointing Phase 3 launch is so soon after announcement. I was looking for an excuse to take some time off work. This makes it so its not really feasible.


Ten man raids are PERFECT for smaller friend groups.

Why would do 10 mans for half of this then completely throw us who use that playstyle to the wolves? Probably losing at least ten subs :confused:

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Please take back 20-man raid as soon as possible. SOD classic is supposed to be a fun, discovering, chill and relaxing role-play journey. It is already hard to form PUGs with 10-man raid. 20-man raid will only make the experience unpleasant. I read in news that Blizz game designer said 40-man raid used to be normal so 40-man raid should be acceptable today and this view is absolutely absurd. If we look back in human history, man used to be able to marry as many females as they want but is it acceptable today? Time changes and society evolves.


April’s Trading Post is Piratical

Oh good. That means I can save up Tender, since I don’t do pirate stuff. lol I needed a month to save, so this will be perfect!

Really sad to see them move away from 10 mans on SoD. A step in the very wrong direction, SoD should have stayed as a casual experience to play with new stuff in the Vanilla setting. Trying to ramp it up to mythic levels of retail difficulty defeats the quick turn around nature of it. Oh well, the damage is done. P3 SoD will see a decrease in unique accounts, and general user retention, and kill any justification for a Classic+ product, which maybe that is their goal right now.

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Will sunken temple be a 7 day reset since it is 20 players now? I hope so …

10M raids suck. Cant wait for 20M raiding and i hope they keep it there

I hope we do not have ANY more 10 player raid for the rest of sod. I am sooooo sick of doing only 10 man content. Very glad they don’t have it next phase, and hopefully not anymore at all

Completely disagree. I’m so over 10 person raids. The spirit of classic is larger raids with friends. We’ve had to split our crew so much over sod.

I literally just spent down my trader tenders :frowning:

PvP devs who care are needed.

Please show us you care about retail pvp.

Or frankly just start caring at all