This Week in WoW: January 16, 2024

This Week in WoW: January 16, 2024

Each week we’ll look ahead to what’s in store for World of Warcraft, share the latest news, and keep you in the know byte by byte. Explore all that the Seeds of Renewal content update has to offer this week and take to the skies once more with the Outland Cup.

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Blizz forgot their own Twitch Drop starting today. #SmolIndieCompany

Also, this article says the patch is live. It is not current live. Servers are still down.

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But the patch is out. A patch doesn’t disappear because the servers go down.

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You are all confusing me :blush:

Booooo, you stink!

Also, the drop doesn’t start until next Tuesday


Bring the war back to world of warcraft. Wpvp in retail feels terrible in comparison to the golden era of vanilla - wrath.

Warcraft 4 when?


Does it? Thats odd. It’s usually on the patch days. Thank you for the clarification.

  • Azerothian Archives: It seems to be a fun thing. Can’t wait to test it.

  • Gilneas Reclamation: I hope we will get a good story for this. I really want to see Gilneas become a true capital too.

  • Follower Dungeons: I will test it for sure.

  • Dragonriding Available Worldwide: I don’t know if I will use it everywhere.

  • New Character Customizations: More hairstyles for Trolls and Draenei could have been a good move. Same thing with some new Shivarra models. Also where are the beards for Troll and Forsaken males?

  • Discover Bel’ameth: The most disappointing part, Bel’ameth don’t feel like a real capital city as Darnassus for Night Elves. I seems a little peacefully village or a settlement and not as a capital. So I really hope it’s a work in progress and we will see more updates in the future patch/expansions for Bel’ameth.

I will put a short list of what we could have to get a “better” capital for Night Elves in Bel’ameth and Amirdrassil:

  • A big Temple of Elune
  • More Night Elf structures
  • A more purple skybox in Amirdrassil
  • Draenei and Worgen ambassadors
  • An auction house
  • A bank
  • A barbershop
  • Druid/hunter/mage/warrior/monk trainers
  • More Night Elf children
  • More Dryads
  • More Owls

Don’t get me wrong, Bel’ameth is nice but many elements are missing to be a “better” capital for Night Elves. It seems like an unfinished work so I really hope it’s a work in progress and we will get more things in the future patch and expansions for Bel’ameth.

Also reassemble the Dragon Riders of Loreth’Aran between the Night Elves and the green dragons could a good move for them.


The new city is pointless? It just has profession trainers. Why even waste resources on it?

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From what I heard (not sure if Blizzard officially confirmed it) but there was a problem with Twitch and not Blizzard

Bringing dragon riding to all areas of the game but can’t make regular flying available in the Dragon Isles without have to earn a bs achievement. Good job.