This Week in WoW: April 17, 2023

This Week in WoW: April 17, 2023

Each week we’ll look ahead to what’s in store for World of Warcraft, share the latest news, and keep you in the know byte by byte. Here’s what is in the queue this week as we take a look at Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible raid dungeon, and Dragonflight Season 2.

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You mean retail world of Warcraft, since you are ignoring the classic playerbase atm.


The little mole guy being held is really cute, I hope it’s a battle pet.
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Hm… It says may 2nd for cross faction guilds but then at the bottom of the page it says April 18th for cross faction guilds?

Im not normally one to complain but…

April 18th we get cross faction guilds but on the poster it says may 2nd?

April 19th we get to conquer the challenges of dragonflight season 2 on may 9th?

How is that april 19th and not may 9th?

And we dont need april 21st blue news “Recap” of old news like the previous week…

Like what on earth is going on? i love blizzard but this all just seems silly =(

(Edit: I must say my friends and i were very excited for the april 14th news. Could it be a cinematic? Blizzcon news? A new event?.. oh no, nvm, it was old news! This is a feelsbadman and im 34… you made me use a feelsbadman… think about that lol…)


This post is a little vague and conflicting:

Are cross faction guilds becoming available TOMORROW (as stated in the text of this post) or on MAY 2, as stated in the image at the top?

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Excited for the raid preview. All I care about in this game really is the raids lol.

I do like this whole communication thing, and listening to feedback about season 2 M+ etc

I feel this is finally going in the right direction.

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Good catch. Are cross-faction guilds coming out tomorrow and they forgot to tell us?


Why do the rewards revert back to 389 when you can get them 395 loots at the island ><.

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Think they’re saying there’s going to be a post about those things on those dates. Like there’ll be an article titled “Play With More Friends with Cross-Faction Guilds” detailing how you go about interacting with it.


We are getting blogs about 10.1 over the course of this week.

Can you guys make renown less tedious to get please

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This is correct. I’ve added the word “Preview” to the front to help avoid more confusion. Generally, you can expect we’re listing out our upcoming feature articles in this or letting you know about in-game events such as bonus events and holidays. The update goes live on May 2 as does the Cross-Faction Guild functionality. You can read the details about it tomorrow.


That roadmap is kinda lite at 2 weeks duration.
Should fluff it out with all the tuning passes you’ll need to do on a weekly basis since you didn’t take care of more during the PTR.


I understand the approach of these posts now. “Preview” does help


Not only class tuning but dungeon tuning.

You’re welcome. We’ll refine it a bit and change it to note when something is an (Article) or an (Event) going forward to help avoid confusion.

When we have news to share for Classic outside of blue posts (which you can check out in the Blues News on Fridays if you aren’t following along during the week), we’ll share. We aren’t and won’t be ignoring Classic.



Keep up with the transparency and the road map and hope for longer blogs that are essay sized.

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Thank you for this. Do you have an ETA on regular flying for us old fogeys?


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For real dude.