This used to be a good server - is it stil?

I used to be a raider with Something Wicked (top 25 man guild on the server) back in Cata and MoP (and then I quit raiding) - not sure if anyone even remembers that guild. Anyway, back in the day, Whisperwind was a good server - tons of good guilds and players (Alliance side anyway). Looks like it’s now merged with another server and this forum looks pretty dead.

How is the raiding scene now? I’m going to be playing Shadowlands and trying to figure out if I want to stay here. I’m not interested in being a super hard core raider anymore, but I’d like to be on a server that is active still with a good economy and good options for raiding.

I’m still in Something Wicked - but that guild broke up years ago and I just stayed in for the nostalgia of it. For Shadowlands, I’d be interested in possibly finding a guild that raided 1 or 2 nights a week - and had excellent players in it who just didn’t have the time anymore for the commitment that hardecore raiding requires.

Alpha and TwoShot are both here and Alpha is usually in the top 100 in the world. Economy seems decent, but we’re not a crazy high pop server. Whisperwind seems good for me, but I’ve been in the same guild here for years.

If you’re interested in raiding on Alliance side come check us out! Empirical Entropy (4/12M in Legion, ~#19 on the server)

I remember Alpha, I used to organize Something Wicked’s alt raids and we partnered with them sometimes.

Thanks for the offer to check out your guild. I’m mainly playing Classic (and hopefully TBC) these days so I’m not sure what I’m going to do about Shadowlands. It would be nice to actually get back to doing some content that was actually a challenge. The only challenge that retail has is trying to get 40 people to all be in the same place at the same time.