This transfer is not currently available for your characters faction

This is crazy. I don’t remember them saying they were going to restrict transfers by faction unless I missed it. Anyone have a source?

Blizzard has don a lot of face palm worthy things with classic, but this is by far the best. The one guy working on classic at blizzard has his work cut out for him to eclipse this level of stupidity.


Let’s roll back time and presume Blizzard announced the faction specific switch.

Play that out, rq…

The more I think about it the smarter it was for them NOT to announce faction specific.

Thats a good point, and I’d say it depends. Those who transferred during the first round of transfers or even the first half of the second round should be blamed, but those who transferred near the end (I transferred the day before they closed) I can understand. The damage had been done. I was having serious trouble finding groups, even as a healer. When I did find a group I would have to corpse run about 5 times just to get to the instance portal. I feel bad for the horde on heartseeker that have to deal with that, and I don’t condone it. I’m just hoping eventually we can hit a stable 50/50

Edit: Skeram was totally fine until some time during the 2nd round of transfers where we lost 5-6 big guilds on alliance side

Well, once they allow folks who got split up a way to revert their transfer back to their origin:

  • Create the faction queue.

It is not to late, they just need to be willing to do what needs done. People claim that a faction queue would make players quit. What do you imagine will be the result of the (alleged) sudden cut off of a faction transferring?

WoW Classic Update Schedule and Free Character Moves ohh hey look they just ninja edited their post!


I seriously have no pity for anyone in these situations. I’m on Fearlina and stuck it out queues and all, and now the queues are gone and everything’s great.

You got impatient, wanted to play NOW and took transfers to realms that should have never been opened in the first place.

Now you have faction imbalance messes and population disparities.

I’ll be enjoying my awesome experience on Fearlina while watching all the crying on the forums with some schadenfreude.

You guys got what you asked for.

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How incompetent do you have to be to restrict faction transfers, mid-way through a transfer window with 0 communication. Seriously? It’s like there is literally no though being given to their actions.


Was that supposed to make some kind of point?

Wow, that is epic cringe worthy.

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Did you all see this?


So even though Blizzard completely botched the launched then further messed things up with not doing faction specific transfers, because you dealt with queues you believe other people should be screwed? How did anyone “get what they asked for”?
A lot of people tried to work with Blizzard despite them completely screwing the launch. Some stuck out the queues, some rerolled, some took the free transfers (or transferred exactly where they told us to transfer) and most everyone still got screwed one way or the other. This is literally their fault at every step of the way.


Im literally laughing right now about those Alliance who thought they could get away.

Looks like you can’t run.

I hope they don’t do anything to change it either because the wailing and gnashing of teeth is hilarious.

“unexpected technical issues”

Dude, literally everyone told you not to do the transfers because it would be to dead servers. You didn’t listen, and we were right.

No sympathy.

I don’t wanna be tin foil hat on blizz trying to kill classic, but this level of incompetence can’t be unintentional.


No, “I” didn’t transfer to a dead server. This doesn’t involve me. But that doesn’t stop me from EMPATHIZING with someone in this situation. This also doesn’t have anything to do with people complaining about dead servers? Can you read the posts please?

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i transfered off all my toons if my friends are stuck on that old server we’re all just gonna quit so im hoping beyond hope that this is not true

Hey now, sour cow, :stuck_out_tongue: it actually COULD be legit.

It is very possible somebody on team A hit the big red button before team B was awake.

Speaking from actual, and sadly, repeated experience. This is indeed, what we call, “technical difficulties” in the Biz and I imagine video games do the same.

“Technical issues” is pretty fun to explore…I mean…somebody’s face is red somewhere, from embarrassment or just plain 'ol maniacal laughter, or a Horde Heartseeker spy who manages to work in Irvine. We will never know.