This server is dead

RIP. Literally no one ever on…

It is. Chat is empty, guilds are dead, and if you see anyone in chat it’s from Dalaran server.

You’re empty.

Stop harassing me.

no u

Alliance is still alive, but im also im a more active guild here.

lol I get it.

Fact is I’ve been saying this realm is dead for months and now its years. I wonder what happened to Heart of the wild?

solo eran basura completa

Definitely hasn’t been dead for years, but I’ll throw up a big fat middle finger to BFA for making me admit that these morons that have been running around mindlessly screaming that for years are actually right now. This annoys me to no end.

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Well it’s certainly dead on Ysera Alliance side and it has been for a long time, I won’t say how long but it’s been awhile. I used to be horde side in Legendary Soulz but they jumped to Mal’ganis and that destroyed the guild which is now no more.
I felt bad for the original founders cause they were very nice people who just wanted to have a chill guild and them being very relaxed on guild invites killed it cause it brought in some major Elitists.

Ysera/Durotan Horde was pretty active despite being the minority population. Maybe that was a little bit of an illusion due to the raiding community we had, but I still consider it good when factoring everything in.

Zero surprise on Legendary Soulz dying after transferring. Of all of the guilds that left, I didn’t even need to watch them to know that would happen.

In fact there’s only really one guild that left in the past couple years that’s still alive/active and they had a minor improvement in the tier they left before being fully back to PuG life not even before the end of the tier. It took them over a year to get back to where they left off here on their new realm. Not sure if that loud idiot still lurks here or not, maybe he finally left it alone after being roasted on Discord for continuing to be obnoxious since he got the “last word” in before finally calling it quits.

It’s really just been dead from the start of this tier hasn’t it been? At least from the end of WoD when we started up there was at least some stuff going on. The last few guilds didn’t really leave the server really until BoD / EP’ish, which hasn’t been like, that long. And of the guilds that left of the ones I know of I think they are all still active? Heart of the Wild was at least at the beginning of the tier, I think Mutiny is, we are. I think a lot of the horde guilds essentially folded (or maybe they moved, I really don’t know that many people Horde side), and I think Chimera essentially folded when a few of them went to do the whole classic thing, but everyone is still going, just off server.

Of any mythic or mythic-aspirant Horde guilds at the end of Legion, only one is kinda around now.

<Energy> transferred off, gained a little extra progress in one tier, then promptly died. Telltale sign of becoming a feeder guild, zero surprise there.

<Original Sin> was its own guild in Antorus, but they were struggling with recruitment and merged with <Fáinní na Darach> (a guild that transferred in) to form <Oaken Rebirth>.

I’m not quite sure what happened to <Blöödbath and Beyond>. I have absolutely nothing against them, but the guild name’s too generic for me to track down so I never bothered with it.

<Impending Doom II> is still around, just focused on heroic. I hope they never go away, they’re another one of those guilds that have been around forever and it’d be depressing to see them go.

<Legendary Soulz> gained a few members that were focused on trying to be hardcore, got a bit arrogant, and decided to transfer off. They promptly died. Big surprise there. /s

<Winter Shadow> slogged along for a while, but it eventually became evident that a good number of us were just playing the game to play with each other - few of us were actually even enjoying the content. We still had the numbers when we ultimately made the decision to disband the raid in the middle of BoD, though I’ll admit that the desire to recruit more had fallen off before that point. The largest chunk of our group went to FFXIV, a couple went to Oaken Rebirth, a couple of us to Classic, and a handful stayed behind in the guild and now play very casually.

<Oaken Rebirth> is the one that’s still kind of around. Their raid was folding mid-tier in EP, so their (new) leadership made the decision to call a break until the next tier. We likely won’t know how well that’ll work out until a bit after the release of Ny’alotha.

That sort of makes sense, i’ll be honest, at least from end of WoD until now the only guild that I ever kept up with that seemed to be doing too much was Winter Shadow. I know Oaken started doing stuff towards the beginning of this expac, so certainly that name was familiar, but honestly I don’t remember any of those other guys really at all.

I totally miss Legendary Soulz before they became infested with Jerks, if the original founders are still out there I hope you are doing well.

I don’t really want to necro but all things aside, the server isn’t really dead but far as I look into things like the Mythic raiding scene here, its not as active as it was in WoD, Legion and early to mid BFA. While I had some interest getting back into mythic after my school work, I rejoined Mutiny’s raid team and went with them on the transfer with a bossted character and remained this character in this server within the House of Funk. While with Mutiny, we had luck on a new server but short lived and its now a heroic guild and will remain that way indefinitely until interest sparks again, While with the release of Classic, Mutiny for far what I’m hearing has no interest of switching over.

However, There is still some guilds on here trying to push Mythic raiding out there again like Still Alive, House of Funk and Oaken Rebirth so far I’m hearing but I still wouldn’t consider this server dead.

I’m dead. /10chars

Bloodbath Disbanded not long after I joined Winter Shadow in Tomb, the core went to Hyjal Kids Hyjal Wives, officers went to Tichondrius. Hyjal also server transferred, they’re on Illidan now 4 or 5/12M.