This is why people hate shuffle

imgur. com/a/hETweEs

3-3 +0
3-3 +0
3-3 +0
2-4 -30

all at the same mmr

sick game



Should’ve went 4-2+


idk how im even getting 0 at 3-3 i havent lost a single point before those games


on topic, your MMR and your CR are basically exactly the same so a 3-3 means net zero movement

this is literally the system working as intended


Personally I hate shuffle because I have to dedicate 3 hours of my day to play 2 matches but thats just me.


last season most games i went 3-3 earned me at least some points as dps

i 5-1ed the next lobby so im not tilted, but i guess mmr is just a lot lower since there’s no inflation yet or season start idk

sucks because 2 out of 3 games i went 3-3, one of the healers went 6-0

i either deal with this and play or queue on my 2100+ healers and play with 3200 players lol

The suggestion is that since SS isn’t a one on one game, the idea of being 3-3 suggests that the other random people on his team sucking is a direct reflection of him as a player…

It is probably the single biggest issue (that isn’t role specific) with RSS. It doesn’t matter how good you are individually, you are subject to genius or idiocy of all the other players. Personally, I think being 3-3 SHOULD grant some rating since it suggests that are atleast better than half the lobby he was with.

The number of times I was stuck 3-3 for dumb things like bad healer, or poorly geared people being targets gets insane in the beginning. Sure, the minute you hit 2-4 you should absolutely lose rating… But the idea that in order to make any noticable movemnet you have to be either 5-1 or 6-0 in every lobby is just terrible philosophy.


Solo shuffle should auto use my DPS teammates defensive CDs when they hit ~25% if they haven’t pressed already, depending on what the ability is. Feels terrible watching people tank my win rate cause they won’t press parry/wall/bubble/karma/etc.

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Would going 11-13 and dropping 30 points relative to where you started that day be a reason to hate premade 3v3?

I really need you to meditate on this sentence until you realize why making this claim is similar to you implicitly conveying that you never picked up on object permanence by saying how it’s wild how that the entire universe ceases to exist when you close your eyes.

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If you win 3 rounds and lose 3. You technically didn’t win at all. That’s the system.
Once your mmr has situated itself that is.

Example my mmr was higher than my rating and I went 3-3 and gained rating. Now my rating is at my MMR. Unless I have a gain of rounds won vs loss my MMR and rating aren’t gonna move.

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you didn’t win a single game why would you get points

exactly this


:blush: :blush: :rofl:


What’s the issue?

Its early in the season and you’re apparently where you’re supposed to be fam.

wait so people hate shuffle because they suck


seems like you at your current play state are exactly where you should be, this is how mmr systems are designed. simply play better and give yourself every possible opportunity to grow and get better and you will win games and mmr will move up.

on the other hand the real reason people hate shuffle is because people like swole play that dog tier bracket and brag about it yet not being able to get legend last season let alone hold 2.4 for more than 2 days.

people being weird af acting like dps didnt receive points for 3-3 majority of games last season

trauma bonding i guess

i even stated prior that i didnt lose a single point before then

That only happens when your mmr is higher than your CR, and it happens to healers in the same exact situation as well.

You went on a series of 3-3s for 0 points meaning your mmr was exactly even with your rating.

It’s not a secret system.

In general you don’t unless you haven’t played in a few weeks, or are on a winstreak. Dps do, however, benefit from a single guy going 0-6 because they get 4-2 whereas healers go 3-3, and that’s somewhat common, especially around placement mmr.