This is why FF14 crushes your player base

you shouldnt have to suffer a gaggle of mouth breathing shut ins in discord to raid mythic you shouldnt have to wait for said mouth breathers to clear to go at the hard content if you have weapons refrain unlocked you can go nuts in 14 you dont have to wait for anything you dont have to give in to the manchildren you can be yourself and still play; i elected to get up and go wash my car rather than attempt to play in BFA today that should be a stark warning to your methods i mean you have BFA and CLASSIC out and are still getting utterly destroyed by FF14 which is world of warcraft 3.0 i mean if you cant figure it out when they show you how i guess you just dont give a fk…BFA = let the sub run out go play golf IRL

postscript : there are 5x as many wipe mechanics in 14 and ppl still arent in discord so uhhhh ya not everyone who logs on does so to get their daily dose of friends cause they dont actually have any and all content can be done without discord 14 fights are much much more difficult no DPS tanks dont get clears in 14 here they have shining 1400 ios LOL fix your game id like to play it

I’d rather you stick to ff14 and wash your car and stuff and quit lobbying to make WoW an even more solo player friendly …