This is disappointing... Bliz - seriously?

Shame on the current devs at Blizzard for being unable to fix a problem that the devs fixed in 2004 in a couple days.

Add new servers -> Give people on full realms FREE transfers.


No one is going to abandon a character they have 50 hours /played on since Monday + time sitting in queu.


It’s almost as if Blizzard was telling people that high/full pop realms should expect queue times for a little bit through the early times of launch.

Huh. Crazy.


Unless you are lvl 40 and above i see no reason why you cant just go and re-roll another character.
Is it incovenient? Im sure it is i get that, but, it is what it is.


blizzard TOLD you that there would be high queues.
blizzard told you to re roll on other servers if the one you are on is to high population.
your fault for being stubborn.
nearly half the servers atm have 0 queues even during peak outs.
stop whining.


Flipside…people on low/med servers would love to know their servers are remaining viable.

It’s almost as if tons of people listened to blizzard, rerolled, and still got stuck in ques.

Crazy. Huh.


If you’re stuck in queues, you must not have much time invested in a character.

Reroll again.


How many times can you repeatedly encourage players to pull up stakes and move to a new realm?


You kids are still on this? lol


Until they pick one that’s medium/low pop, or wedge their way through the queue and deal with it.

Are you completely oblivious to people that have done this OVER ad OVER and OVER again?


I did it once. Haven’t had a queue in 3 days.


All the time people have spent complaining and waiting, they could have just rerolled.

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50 hours played…games been out 91 hours total. If you’ve played 50 hours the queues don’t seem to be affecting you’re playtime much.

Queues were also bad 3 days ago, before 50 hours played was even possible.


Make better choices.

I started on Whitemane, said forget the queue, now I’m Westfall and I don’t deal with a queue.

Problem solved. People are moving from full to high to high… not from full to medium or full to low. It’s like shooting yourself in the foot and complaining you can’t run a 5k anymore.


Transfers are pure chaos. You act like they can just snap their fingers and do them.

Can you imagine juggling millions of characters, bank junk, AH junk, mail and gear and then listening to millions of cries of “Hey! My fabulous name is taken by someone else on the target server! Make them give it to me right now!”

Not to mention dealing with tons of character name changes, and even guild name changes.

Fahghetaboutit. Move or deal.

Go read the ToS and then you will have your answer. They added two more servers today. You were asked days ago to move! Why should Blizzard give you something for free? When you could have done the same days ago and chose not too.

No, confirmed someone who moved from a full realm to a low/medium because I didn’t want to sit in queue.


But then they miss out on all the PAID server transfers later.

ALL of their servers were high or full at launch.