This is a shot in the dark, but

Hello. I no longer play World of Warcraft. But I thought I would give this a try.

I’m looking for someone. Someone I used to play with a couple years back. One on this server of Moon Guard.

His character name was Kilrøy. A human Combat Rogue. I guess according to the armory now he’s a Worgen Outlaw Rogue now. And being level 60 means he was at least playing through Shadowlands.

He helped me through a hard time and we became good friends. We mostly played OoC, but some of my most memorable IC experiences were with him and other people I knew at the time through RP.

It was really fun playing with you Kilrøy! It would be wonderful to catch up with up you and see how you are doing. That time we played together through BFA is a very good memory of mine!

I can’t figure out how to change my forum character, but you knew me as Locklia Placeholder, the tavern hostess that worked at the Blue Recluse.

Kilrøy, if you ever see this…please post a reply to this thread and lets get in contact somehow. And to everyone else who might see this…please keep an eye out for a character named Kilrøy and send a tell to him that Locklia is looking for him! And if you could direct him here, I’d be in your debt.

Thank you. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.