This dk Faverknight…

Just a post to make new players or alts aware of this dk Faverknight. He advertises gearing new players to 4k through beta runs and gear funnels. I personally like to progress my toons playing but anyway this is what went down. I put myself in que for betas (not expecting to get in with a gs of 3.5k) and get invited by Faverknight with hos beta as the dungeon called to run. Immediately when I entered the dungeon he sent me a whisper offering to sell me 4k through betas. I didn’t respond and we go to bran and all is well. After bran he demands we do rock boss and I advocate for him against the group because he seems like he needs something from it so the group is cool and says ok. We do the boss and he switches it to master loot and oh and boe hands drop. I ask for both upgrades but he won’t give me the boe. He offers to sell it. I declined and asked if we can just finish. He leaves it on master loot for last boss and won’t let me roll on staff or token. So I thanked the awesome group and just left. I did report but I just wanted to give new players a heads up to avoid this guy if he is leading your group. See you guys in azeroth!

P.s. - i did literal the same damage as him in a 5k gs and mine is 3.5k so no one felt i was carried at all just incase it comes off like he had a legitimate reason

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